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Fri Aug 21 15:49:01 CEST 2009

Be great to see you there Ana and meet face to face 
8-) (-8
let me know if you will make it.

: )

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I was in Tech Carnival in Umeå in Sweden, it was great. I Will try to
come to Istambul!

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21 aug 2009 kl. 11.03 skrev Ruth Catlow <ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org>:

> I'm going to this overland- anyone want to come with?
> : )
> Ruth
> see http://blog.furtherfield.org/?q=node/287
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> Eclectic Tech Carnival Istanbul 
> September 9-13, 2009
> Hi there! You are invited to knit free and open source digital doilies
> for yourselves and your loved ones together with other women & trans
> from all over the world in the Eclectic Tech Carnival Istanbul.
> The Eclectic Tech Carnival is a gathering of women & trans with a
> critical interest in Free Information and Open Standards technology.
> The event has been held annually since 2002 and creates an opportunity
> for women & trans to share their experiences, knowledge, skills, and
> network, thus: have fun!
> The 10th Eclectic Tech Carnival will take place on September 9-13 2009
> in Istanbul, Turkey. 
> The five-days carnival will consist of workshops on installing and
> managing open source and free software, basic HTML and building
> websites, creative ways of activism, debates on alternative uses of
> technology and art for and within our movements and much more hands-on
> workshops on DIY technologies.
> Participate! Just show up and participate in the workshops and
> debates. If you want to present a workshop, lecture, performance, and
> the like please hurry up and get in touch with us!
> Practical Info:
> Venue: /ETC will take place in the performance center/bar Haymatlos.
> The venue is located in the center of Istanbul, on the Istiklal Street
> in the Taksim district. We have two huge rooms for workshops &
> hangout, a bar, a stage with sound-system, and big kitchen.
> Participation: The gathering is open for women & trans, particularly
> inviting the members of transgender community. 
> There is no set participation fee, but we will be open for donations. 
> Accommodation: “mi casa e su casa” thus, we will try to host guest in
> our homes as much as we can. For the rest will arrange an affordable
> hostel. 
> Food: During the festival the newly formed food collective will be
> cooking for us vegetarian/vegan food in Lambdaistanbul and Haymatlos
> kitchens. Please get in touch with us if you would like to give a hand
> and share your cooking skills.
> Affinities: This year /ETC is in coalition with Resistanbul -
> Coordination of Resistance Days against the IMF and WB Meeting (1-8
> October). You are warmly invited to stay in Istanbul a little longer
> and join the resistance against the IMF and the World Bank in October.
> email us: etcistanbul at gmail.com 
> - for registration, please send us an email stating when you are
> arriving in Istanbul, how long you will stay, whether you need
> accommodation and your background and basic skills you would like to
> share with other participants – keeping in mind that none of us are
> professionals and every kind of knowledge, experience and skill is
> precious for us.
> - if you want to hold a workshop/presentation/performance, the program
> is still growing. Hurry up!
> see you in istanbul to play - rebel - eat - xchange - discuss - flirt
> - bla bla baklava!
> istanbul'da görüşmek üzere!
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