[NetBehaviour] what the hell was i thinking

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Aug 26 00:30:02 CEST 2009

what the hell was i thinking

a abandoned abbreviate abbreviation abjures able about above absolute
absolutely abstraction absurdity abu abyss accidental accompany
accomplishments accordingly accumulated acquaintance across action active
actually add addictions adding additions adds adjoins adventurers aed
aegis affair after again against age agnvahxrzbhay ago agreement airliner
ajax ajaxlife al alan alansondheim aletsch alien alignment alive all
allergic allowed allows almost alone along already also alt altered
alterity altogether altx alway always am amazing american amerika among
amount an analog analogy anatomy ancers and angle angular animal animals
animation another anthrax any anymore anyone anything anyway apart
apocalypse apologies apparently appear appearance appeared appears aqnay
arches architecture are area argent arise aristotelian around arrangement
arriv artifacts artist as ascii ashes asked askew asphalt asshole assigned
asymptotic at ated atlantic attention aurs automated automation available
avatar avatars average avoid aware away awry azeem azure b back background
bad baldwin ball band bandaging barely barre barren base baseball based
basic basis battlefield bay bb bbb bdownb be beams beat beautifully beauty
bebr because become becomes becoming been before began begin beginning
begins behavior behavioral being believe bell belongings below beneath
benign best bestowed better between beyond big binary binding birds birth
bit bites bits bittern bitty bk black blazevox blemish blinds blocked
blocks blood blue bluelionbooks bluff bnd bodies body boerum bones book
books bordering both bottle bottom boundaries boundary box boy br breaking
breathless brick bridge brief brilliant bring bringing brings broken brook
brooklyn brooks brothers brought brute bsd bsometimesb bu building
buildings builds built bulldozer buried burned buses but buttes button by
bytes c cabin call called came can capable capital capture captured care
carry carrying cars carter cartoon carved cataclysm catalog catastrophic
categories caught cave caves cbpp centered centering centuries certainly
chain chalky chance change changed changes changing chasing chasm chat
cheatham cheeks cherethites child chimera choreia choreographies
choreography chosen churches circle circlecut circles circumscribe
circumstances cities city class classical cleaned clear clearly cliff
cliffed cliffquot cliffs cliffside climb climbs clit clitoris clogs close
closure cloud clouds cobza coded codework coercion coherency cohering cold
coldness collapse collapsed collection colorado com combination come comes
comfortable coming commands comments comprehension concavities conclusion
configured confront confusing connect consciousness consensual consider
console constitutes construct constructing constructivist constructs
contain containing content continued continues continuous contitutes
contrary control convexities convoluted copenhagen corner corporate
corporation cosmic cosmologists cosmos cost could couldn course courses
covering covers crashed crawling create creating creation creatively crime
crossing crossingoverjordan crown crude crumbling crushing crying culled
culture cultures cures current curved curves cut cuts cutting d da dacers
damned damped dance dancer dangerously dark darkness database davos day
dead deadness deal dealing death decentered decision deck deconstruction
deep deer deferring definability definable define defined delete deluge
demand demon demonamuh demonstration denumeration depiction deplete depths
described descript description descry desecrates desert destroy destroyed
destruction determined determinist develop development develops devouring
diabetes diagrams dialysis did didn die died dies differance difference
different difficult digital dim direction dirt dirty disablement disappear
disappeared disappearing disaster discomfort discourse disease disguise
disgust dispel dispersing disrepair dissimilar distance distanced distant
distinctin distinction distortions distraught distributed disturbance
disturbed do dodder does doesn doing dojoji don done dong double doubled
doves down download downward drag drained draining draw dream dreams
dreamworlds drives dual duality duet duo dusk dust dustst dwelled dwelling
dying dynamic e each eakdown earlier ears earth easy ebooks ebzsay echo
eck economies ecstasy ed edge edges efbppray either electric elide eloo
else elsewhere em email embedded embodies embraced emigrate empha employed
enclosure encoded encompass end ends endure energy enjoy ennui enology
enough ensure entangled entanglement entangles enters entire entity ently
entropy environment environments equally equals equival equivalence er
escape escapes etc even event every everything everywhere evolution
evpnanzray exactly examine examined example except excretions exercise
exiting exponential extend extending extenuating exteriority external
externally extinct extinctions extremely extrusions eyesight fabric fac
face fact failed fairly fall fallen fallin falling falls famed family fan
far farther fast fear feeds feels feet fell fend festival festoon fetal
fever fevers few fha fi field fields figure fill film filtering filters
finale finally find finding finite fireflight first fissures flat fled
fleeing flesh flight floating flocks floor foerster fog follow followed
following foofwa for foreign forest forests forever forgetfulness
forgotten form formal formation former forms fort fortifications found
foxes fractured frame frames free friends from frozen frustration fruuuu
full functions fundamental fundamentally furious further fuzzy gagged game
ganick garbage garnering gathering gatza gauging gave gazer gen gender
general genre gentle geodesics geoff geoffrey geometry ger get gets
gharayb ghastly ghost ghosts girl give given glace glacier glaciers glow
glu go god goes going gone granges granite granted graphics grasp grasses
grasshoppers gravity greasing great greatest green greenland groping
ground grouping grows guard guess guitar gun habitat habitus hacker had
hair hallucinations hand handbook hands hangs happen happens happy
harboring hard hardened harder hardness hardware hardwares harmony harves
has hate haunt haunted haunting haunts have having he head healing heard
hearing heart heat hegelung height heinz heir hence her here hermitage
hidden hide hierarchically hierarchies hierarchy higher hill him hinge his
histories history hkaplan holarchically holarchy holding holds holes
holographic home hope horizon horizons horses hospital hounded hounding
hounds house houses how however htm html http huddle huddled hugging human
humanity humans hundreds hunger hungers hurt huts hyperbolic hysteresis i
ically ice icecap ideas identity if ignorance ii iii ikonic ila ill
illusion image images imagine imagines immersion immersive imminent
imobilite impenetrable imperative implies impossibility in inability
inaccessible inasmuch incandescent incessant incipient include including
inconceivable increased incredibly indefinite indefinitely indexical
indirect individual inert infantilisms infinitely informal information ing
inhabited inhabits inherently inhering innocence inscribed inscribing
inscription inscriptions insect inside insisted insists instead
instruments intact integra integral integration intelligences intended
intense intentional intentionality inter interactions interest interface
interior intermission internal internally internet intersecting into
introjections intu invisible involdance involdances involved involves
iority iraq irreso is iserable isn issuance it its itself iuu jagged
jammed jdecarlo jealousy jection jennifer jenny jesus jhava jobs joins
jordan jordanbing jpg judge jukka julu just justice jzk ka kervinen
kestrels kill kills kind knew knife know knowing knowings knowledge
kristeva kwat la labor laboratory labs lacan lake lakes land landscape
landscapes language languaging last late latter layer leads leaned
learning leave leaves leaving led left legibility length less let level
lie lies life lighthouse like limit linden line lines linguistic lion lip
lips list listed listening listing literary little littlest live lk ll
loathing local log logic lonely long longer look looking looks loosened
loses loss lost loud love lovely lovers lower lrudolph lucky lulu luminary
lurid lute ly m maenad magic magnetic majid make makes making malign man
many mapping mappings maps margin margins marine mark marked mass massive
masterpiece material mathematically mathesis matter max maximum may maya
maybe mc me meadows mean means mechanical medication meld memories men
mention mesa mesas mess message meter miasma mice middle midst might
migraine mind mines miniature miracles missing mist mmm modeling models
modifying molds moment momm money month months moon more moss mosses
motion moun mountain mountaineer mountaineers mountains mourning mouth
mouths mov move movement movements moves moving mp much murkier murky
murmurs muscle muscles music musical must mutilations my myself naked name
napoleonic narrative narrows natural nature navel near necessary neck need
negation negotiated neither net netherworld neuroses neurosis neutral
never new next night nightmares nikuko nine nnn no non nonsense noone
northeasterly not notating notation note noted notes nothing noticing now
nu number numeration o object objects obligations obovo obscure obscures
occurs ocean odyssey of off offended offline ofo often ok okagami okay
oloosson on once one online only onto ontologies onyysbbgay open opening
operates operation opportunity or orbit orchestra order ordering org
organic organism oriented ornamentally orthogonal ostensible other others
otherwise ough our ourselves out outside over overhanging overlooking ovor
ow own p pace packets pages pain palestine palm pane panic paperback
parable parallel parameters park parkslope part parted partially particle
particles particular particularly passed past paste pastures pathings
paths patterings patterns pavement peacefully peak peaks pekka penis
people per perceived percep perception perfect perform performance perhaps
periodic peripheral permafrost persevere peter phenomenolog
phenomenologies phenomenology philosophical phonemes photographs physics
pi picture piece pieces pigeon pigeons pill pin pines pinon piri pissed
pitch pixel planes planet plants plate play players playing please plucked
plunge pod poetic point points pollutions pools population possible
possibly post posters potential pours poverty power precepts predators
preposterous presence present presenting preserved prices primates print
private privaterituals pro probably problem problematic problematized
problems processes produced profound programmed programming programs
projection projections promotion pronoun proportional propositional
protocols provided proximity proxy pseudo publications publicdomaininc
publish publishers pull pulling pulls punch puppies purchasing push pushed
pushes pushing pussy put pyro q quantum quietly quite rababa rabid racer
racks radiation rage ragged rain random rape rarely rate rcliff re reach
reactions read real reality realize really realm rearranged rearrangements
rebab reclining recognize recontextualizes recorded references referencing
reflects reflexive regard regress reified reign related relates relation
relationship remain remains remaking remember remnants remote rendered
rent repeat repetition representations represented reptiles resetting
resists resonance resort respite responses responsibility rest result
return reversible reworking rhode riding right rim rise risers rising rite
ritual rituals river road roar robert rock rockets rocks rocky roll
romanticism ron roo roof rooftops room root rooted rough roughly rover
rsood rubble rubbled rules rumbled rumours running runs rushing s said
salt same samsara sand sandy satori saturday saw say saying says saz
scanners scanning scars schist scrambled screen screw scuttling scythe se
search second secret sections seducing seduction seductive see seems seen
sees seething selection self selfish selves semblance sends sense sensor
sensors sent sentence series seriously server set settling several sex
shabbir shahn shall shape shark shaved she sheave sheer sheerness sheet
shift shifted shines shiverings shoot short shortness should shoulders
shout shoving showcases shows shudderings side sides sign signal signifier
similar simona simple simplicity simultaneously since sisters situa size
skin skinned sky sl sleep slices slide slides slight slightest slightly
slime slip slippery slope sloped slopes slowly small smooth snow so
software softwares sokal solid solo some someone something sometime
sometimes somewhere sondheim song sort sorts soul sound sounds source
southeast space spaces spacious span spanning sparrows speak species
specifiable spectra spectres sped speed spheres spigot spilling spinning
splayed split sprung squeeze src stairs starlings start started starved
state static stdout steep steps still stock stone stonecliff stony stop
stops stores storm stormy story strategy streak streams street streets
stretch stringed strings stuff stumble stumbling style subject sublime
sublimity subspace substitutions substructure subverting such sufficiently
suffocate sukenick sun sunbeams superstructural superstructure support
sure surely surface surged survival susceptible sward swarms swath sydney
symbol symbolic symptom symptoms t tagscyberpunkpirate take taken taking
talk talus tanbur tango tape tarn taut te technique technoroti tele tell
temperature temporarily temporary tend tenderly terms terrorisms
terrorists testing text texts texture th than thank thanks that thatched
the their them themselves then theory there therefore these thesis they
thickens thin thing things think thinking thinks thins third thirst this
tho those thought thoughts thousand thr three throat through throughout
thrown thus thwarted tickles tilted tilting tilts timbre time ting tiniest
tiny tired to today toe toes together tonight tons too tool top toppled
tor tornados torture totality totter touch touching towards towns
traditional transformations transformed transforming transitive
transparent traveling treatment tree trees trembling tried trifling triple
trouble troubles try tumble tumors tundra turmoil turn twice twine two
tyeshe typed typeset u ulation unattainable uncanny under understand
uneasy unhealing uniforms uninscribe universe university unknowable unless
unlike unpacking unspeakable until untoward untrue up upo upon upward ure
us use useless uselessly uses usual utah utahtah utopian utterly v vagina
valleys variety vast ve vector vectors veering vegetation vel venn version
vertical vertically very victims video view village villages violated
violation virginia virtual virtuality visions visual visuality voice voles
von vowels vzntrfay w waist wait wake walk walked walking wall want was
wash wasn water watercliffslope waterfalls wave way ways wayward we wears
webr weighs weighted well went were west western wet what whatremains when
where whereas which while whisper who whole whom why wi wide wilderness
wildfire wildlife wilkes will wind window wire with withdrawal within
without wobble wobbles wobbly woman won wonder word words work workforce
working works world worldings worlds worn would wounds wrath write writing
writings wrong wrote www x yaour yaw yayli year yes yet yhe you young your
yourself zero zigzag

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