[NetBehaviour] all less what we can do

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Aug 29 01:11:49 CEST 2009

all less what we can do

we're so incredibly small in relation to the universe, our lives are as
nothing, our minds work for a limited period, there's nothing outside of
the planet we can breathe, enormous energies just to get to the local
satellite, too many trillions of words, exhaustion setting in every day
around the same time, we comprehend nothing, we're stuck with vision in
three-dimensions, we're small primates with overly-wrought group dynamics
and violent urges, we won't last as long as the robin, as stromatolites,
our minds are sick, poisoned, devastating, distraught, we're lost in the
cosmos, there isn't any cosmos, we're decentered from ourselves, we're
self-inscribed, autonomic, we haven't bootstrapped, our energy mapping's
muddled, we're working desperately at the command of dna-inert, we're
spewing everywhere in reach, nothing's in reach, we're the harbingers of
the apocalypse, we've bootstrapped the apocalypse, bootstrapped death of
the other, we can't tell other from others, our screams are silent, we
destroy everything around us, we scorch the earth, we invent fictions
about how we're so important in the universe, we promulgate random tiny
laws, we enforce penalties, we've got the cosmos locked up in daydreams,
we've got no idea what's out there, we can't read the simplest truths, we
abjure relativisms of all sorts, we postulate absolutes, we call ourselves
fierce iron, we think whatever's written is inerrant, we can't imagine
emptiness, we populate ourselves with gods, we bootstrap gods, we haven't
got a clue, we think A = A, we think we've got identity pinned down, we
think we know the rules, we move furiously until death, we think we've got
a chance to survive death, we're running before senility, we're running
around disease, we're running as if disease isn't running as well, we're
bootstrapping disease, we postulate the finitude of infinitesimals, we
play around with number systems, we think we're hammering number systems
into the universe, we're using nails of flesh, body-hammers, pliers of
tooth and bone, we bite and think we're biting fiercely, we're pulling our
nails with levers of skin, we're crawling around, we can't face what's out
there, we can't face our face, we've got theories before us, we've got
theories of inscription, axiomatic theories, abject theories, we think
we've got a hold on the truth, we think there's truth, that truth matters,
that something matters, that there's meaning beyond us, we're bootstrap-
ping truth, we're bootstrapping meaning, we're furious without it, we've
got meaning our drug, we're addicted to meaning, we turn out reams of it,
we're meaning-factories, we're inscribing everywhere, we think we're
inscribing everywhere, we think we're languaging, we think we understand
language, that we're the ones with language, that we're spewing sense,
we're blind to our bodies, we're blind to the world, we're blind to
inscription, we're blind to bootstrapping, we're blind to existence, we're
blind to non-existence, we're blind to dimension, we're blind to space and
blind to time, we're around the aeons of death, we're around the agora of
ignorance, we're abyss/mal, we don't see any of this, we mouth this, we
think we're understanding something, we think we're accomplishing some-
thing, we're ground to dust, we're bootstrapped to dust, we're always
already gone, we're always already dead, there's no coming back, there's
no other places, chains of beings, compensations for lives led one way or
another, our lives lead us, we're bootstrapped to our lives, nothing
bootstraps us, nothing cares one way or another, we don't care one way or
another, we're lying to ourselves, we're always lying to ourselves (what
we can do)

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