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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Aug 29 06:17:35 CEST 2009

I can't get away from it; most of what I've been reading/listening to over 
the past number of months is cosmology. And the earth is an unbelievable 
wreck - maybe I'm too close to ecology organizations/reports, but I get 
them daily, and am horrified. Like watching Auschwitz without Auschwitz. 
The stuff of nightmares.

- Alan

On Sat, 29 Aug 2009, james morris wrote:

> Alan,
> FWIW: I enjoyed reading this, it meant something to me... I enjoy reading
> that which places us within the cosmos, it's easy to forget there is
> something beyond the blue skies, that the sun is not just a graphic
> pasted onto the sky. But reading this, I thought does it matter that
> we're living on a planet within the universe? Why should it bear any
> relevance. Who care etc? The idea of living free of the drive to find
> meaning, appeals. Do away with it :-)
> But regardless of anything I say: guilty as charged.
> James.
> On 28/8/2009, "Alan Sondheim" <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:
>> all less what we can do
>> we're so incredibly small in relation to the universe, our lives are as
>> nothing, our minds work for a limited period, there's nothing outside of
>> the planet we can breathe, enormous energies just to get to the local
>> satellite, too many trillions of words, exhaustion setting in every day
>> around the same time, we comprehend nothing, we're stuck with vision in
>> three-dimensions, we're small primates with overly-wrought group dynamics
>> and violent urges, we won't last as long as the robin, as stromatolites,
>> our minds are sick, poisoned, devastating, distraught, we're lost in the
>> cosmos, there isn't any cosmos, we're decentered from ourselves, we're
>> self-inscribed, autonomic, we haven't bootstrapped, our energy mapping's
>> muddled, we're working desperately at the command of dna-inert, we're
>> spewing everywhere in reach, nothing's in reach, we're the harbingers of
>> the apocalypse, we've bootstrapped the apocalypse, bootstrapped death of
>> the other, we can't tell other from others, our screams are silent, we
>> destroy everything around us, we scorch the earth, we invent fictions
>> about how we're so important in the universe, we promulgate random tiny
>> laws, we enforce penalties, we've got the cosmos locked up in daydreams,
>> we've got no idea what's out there, we can't read the simplest truths, we
>> abjure relativisms of all sorts, we postulate absolutes, we call ourselves
>> fierce iron, we think whatever's written is inerrant, we can't imagine
>> emptiness, we populate ourselves with gods, we bootstrap gods, we haven't
>> got a clue, we think A = A, we think we've got identity pinned down, we
>> think we know the rules, we move furiously until death, we think we've got
>> a chance to survive death, we're running before senility, we're running
>> around disease, we're running as if disease isn't running as well, we're
>> bootstrapping disease, we postulate the finitude of infinitesimals, we
>> play around with number systems, we think we're hammering number systems
>> into the universe, we're using nails of flesh, body-hammers, pliers of
>> tooth and bone, we bite and think we're biting fiercely, we're pulling our
>> nails with levers of skin, we're crawling around, we can't face what's out
>> there, we can't face our face, we've got theories before us, we've got
>> theories of inscription, axiomatic theories, abject theories, we think
>> we've got a hold on the truth, we think there's truth, that truth matters,
>> that something matters, that there's meaning beyond us, we're bootstrap-
>> ping truth, we're bootstrapping meaning, we're furious without it, we've
>> got meaning our drug, we're addicted to meaning, we turn out reams of it,
>> we're meaning-factories, we're inscribing everywhere, we think we're
>> inscribing everywhere, we think we're languaging, we think we understand
>> language, that we're the ones with language, that we're spewing sense,
>> we're blind to our bodies, we're blind to the world, we're blind to
>> inscription, we're blind to bootstrapping, we're blind to existence, we're
>> blind to non-existence, we're blind to dimension, we're blind to space and
>> blind to time, we're around the aeons of death, we're around the agora of
>> ignorance, we're abyss/mal, we don't see any of this, we mouth this, we
>> think we're understanding something, we think we're accomplishing some-
>> thing, we're ground to dust, we're bootstrapped to dust, we're always
>> already gone, we're always already dead, there's no coming back, there's
>> no other places, chains of beings, compensations for lives led one way or
>> another, our lives lead us, we're bootstrapped to our lives, nothing
>> bootstraps us, nothing cares one way or another, we don't care one way or
>> another, we're lying to ourselves, we're always lying to ourselves (what
>> we can do)
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