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Tue Feb 10 22:11:24 CET 2009

hi alan
we can help to publish it on brazil, we are just finishing barbrook's
imaginary future brazilian edition

can we see a preview of the writings?



2009/2/8 Simon Biggs <s.biggs at eca.ac.uk>

>  Hi Alan
> Have you considered a non-academic route? Without an affiliation the
> academic options available will be very limited. There are imprints that
> will handle theoretical texts which do not function within academe, or
> require that their authors have such affiliations. Journals like Art+Text
> use to work like this and I believe that Semiotexte is still publishing such
> titles, including people like Rainer Ganahl and Heiner Muller, both of whom
> make work that touches on elements of what you do. In the UK we have
> publishers like Black Dog (Bob and Roberta Smith, David Cotterell, Suzanne
> Treister) and ArtWords (Charlie Gere, Michael Corris, myself). I am sure
> there are other options as well.
> Regards
> Simon
> On 7/2/09 22:19, "Alan Sondheim" <sondheim at panix.com> wrote:
> Hi - I'm writing a generic letter, apologies; I want to find a publisher
> for my
> theoretical work, and everything continues to fall through. At one point
> Minnesota was going to work with us - us being Sandy Baldwin, who created a
> framework for my texts - and Sandy wasn't able to continue on the project
> (he's
> fully supportive; it was a question of time) - Minnesota withdrew. If you
> have
> any idea or better yet, the possibility of publica- tion, please let me
> know. I
> have a text out with Fort-Da but there's been no money for an ISBN number,
> so
> that's unadvertised; WVU might do something in the future with my texts on
> writing, if a series gets going, but that's speculative. The texts I've
> been
> writing have been on two main themes, and have been collected as such - one
> on
> the phenomenology of the analog and digital and their intertwining; and one
> on
> the phenomenology of the real/virtual and their intertwining. The latter
> uses
> Second Life as a model; the former is more purely theoretical. Neither need
> illustration.
> I feel ridiculous sending out a public letter like this, but I'm at wit's
> end -
> my writing might not be worth collecting for that matter, and I have no
> academic affiliation, so it's difficult to get anyone interested. Any help
> would be greatly appreciated. Please write me backchannel or ignore this,
> and
> thanks for reading. (I know I write overmuch, but the mss have always been
> edited. Salt brought out a book of literary writing in 2004, and that was
> the
> last of it.)
> Simon Biggs
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