[NetBehaviour] this thing...

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu Jul 9 14:23:53 CEST 2009

this thing, this dream is not of desire or want of
it is a complexity with many shapes, forms and sizes

this dream, this cloud of almost knowing yet unknowing
is not just a haze, it is also an amalgamation of places

these places, are not just physical elements, solid
they are spaces touched upon, unfolding one's vulnerabilities

these elements, are not plyable psycho-modules
more like shadows of one's various selves shifting, lurking

this lurking, is not a conscious spectre waiting
more like nuances, sitting around inside, outside, around

this consciousness, is an interface defining one's borders
yet it does not protect, it deludes and it quantifies

this pain, is not only one's pain but also everyone else's
cannot just claim it, have to subtlety declare it, share it

this absoluteness, does not relate to thy state of being
it entraps one's fluid sensibilities, it is false scenery

these false scenes, show a truth but nothing of reality
hyper-realities, redefining and re-sculpting the losses

these emotional objects sit like furniture, banal, solid
they are everywhere, screaming for comfort and submission

this submission, is an enemy but also can be a friend
this friend is everywhere, it can suffocate like an enemy

this enemy, could be a loved one or even current situations
one's interface or definition can be seen reflected by others

these situations, are what we all know or will come to know
time is the dealer of circumstance of what is to come for all

these moments, of time and unfolding segments of this place
delete the interface, delete the noise of myopic composure

this exposure, of one's usual composure deletes the voice
no choice, a dream yet not a dream, a squeeze of realization

this realization, is small and it can be drowned out easily
by the rhythm of life, and many absolute modes, the continuity

these continuities, they bind us together - to the sod
earth, space, past, present and future, a part of the process

these processes, force us to share these moments and mind
like straight lines, ropes that bind us to the outer limits

this outer limit, of which I speak I cannot mention
for it is a noise that defines my own space, not your time

this thing, this dream, this reality is reshaping the outer
limits, what is currently mine with many shapes, forms and sizes...


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