[NetBehaviour] 80 + 1 Kilpisjarvi. 4 day conference climate change

Olga olga.panades at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 14:23:03 CEST 2009

80 + 1 Kilpisjarvi will host a four day conference (July 15-18) open
for participation via the global window in Linz and via stream online.
During the four days researchers will present a variety of issues
about climate change in the arctic and globally. The themes vary from
animal adaptability to societies’ preparedness to a changing
environment. The audience has the opportunity to pose questions and
discuss climate change with experts. The afternoon offers a
video-screening program of artistic approaches related to the topic of
climate change. The works are screened on the Global Window in Linz
(Hauptplatz). Artists included are for example, Ilkka Halso / Museum
of Nature, Tarja Trygg / Solargraphy, Agnes Denes / Tree Mountain,
Marjukka Korhonen, Heini Aho, and Leena Valkepaa.


This 4-days of program will be streamed online via www.kilpiscope.net
and broadcast to 80+1-stage, Global Window in Linz.


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