[NetBehaviour] Key Tweeter

Olga olga.panades at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 15:21:19 CEST 2009

I just read about Key Tweeter in Networked_performance.. (some info
below) It's funny because lately I started to think the debate around
privacy is becoming something absolutely irrelevant.. Or at least,
outdated.. Our privacy standards have been completely shattered by web
2.0 dynamics.. I'm of those that hasn't got a Facebook account because
of some sort of naif ideal of resistance.. it's got such a potential
for control.. Now I just feel like trashing all that discourse and
looking for new strategies..

This reminds me of a piece I wrote for Resonance FM..

"In an era of feverish communication, where staying in touch means to
be traceable, where the device of communication itself is a tracking
device and the networks over which the signal travels are under
corporate surveillance, I find merely oppositional resistance an
inefficient solution. To not be tracked I shall not give signal.

I am for resistance but I am not against this jungle. I am for
discovering its layers and the possibilities for recombination. I am
not an external. You might find that an integrated position. I will
give signal, and work under surveillance; but always in search for
back alleys, and grey zones, for failures in the system. Are
possibilities shrinking irreversibly or as they close up other
dimensions open elsewhere?"
(if u want to read more: http://virtualfirefly.wordpress.com/virtual-fireflies/)

>From Turbulence:

"KeyTweeter is a performance of data nudism based on a Twitter account
interfaced with a keylogger. Keyloggers are applications generally
used by identity thieves to record everything that is typed on a
keyboard in order to gather sensitive information and passwords. In
this case the software is tweaked to broadcast everything except the
passwords. Kyle McDonald’s Twitter profile is a wild stream of
consciousness that reflects the frenetic multitasking activity of the
author: you can spot fragments of code belonging to projects he’s
currently working on (exposing himself to plagiarism?), personal
communications (publishing information about friends that are not
meant to be known?) and even errors and corrections, paradoxically
putting the twitter-voyeur in a position of broader awareness than the
recipient of the email or instant message. Possibly imagining a world
of absolute transparency, the artist makes the source code available
with instructions on how to set up your own KeyTweeter."


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