[NetBehaviour] [stuff-it] FW: Only 33 per cent ofAmericansbelieve in evolution

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jul 12 17:41:00 CEST 2009

On Sun, 12 Jul 2009, james morris wrote:

> I think to come out and say that Faith is Death Camps etc is massively
> generalizing considering there are billions on the planet who have faith
> of some description or other - it is the minority - where the power is
> clustered and those whom it focuses upon, this is where the problems lie.

Hi James,

I just want to take issue here a bit - I don't think it's the minority at 
all, and that's part of the problem. I think there's a deep relationship 
between faith and intolerance - I come from a small town in Pennsylvania 
and have seen it played out over and over again there, not to mention so 
many other places I've lived. It's a groundswell. It's double-speak - you 
don't say black or jews or italians or gays or feminists are the problem 
(unless you're rush limbaugh) - you say 'them' and people understand. it 
wasn't any different when I lived in Israel. it wasn't any different in 
Fukuoka, Japan when I was there - although faith there appeared in the 
guise of national ideology. And it frightens me to the extent that when I 
meet someone who's religious at this point I begin to tremble; I can't 
deal with it, because I feel that down deep there's violence (not that 
there isn't in me, in everyone, but that's slightly, not entirely, another 

- Alan

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