[NetBehaviour] from she things

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sun Jul 12 17:50:43 CEST 2009

from she things

she things originated with a seed text which was then subject to three
mathematical transformations; these constituted the final text. the seed
text was erased.

the following text is a partial reconstruction of the seed text, created
by eliminating all repetition. the first part is a variation of the seed
text, more or less paralleling the original; the second part consists of
strings missing the letter 't' (the trigger for the program string divi-
sion in a second program), and again repetition is eliminated. the second
part corresponds to the second part of she things, and only those strings
which don't appear under other guise in the first part are included. thus
both texts are expansions and contractions - the first attending to the
natural inclination to separate words, and the second according to a
sifting based on 't.'

there are issues of hermeneutics, intention and body, delineated in the
following; on one hand there are applied matheses across a presumed orig-
inary moment, and on the other, that moment disappears behind an event
horizon that retains information but obliterates any final rendering. (
(i recognize that 'event horizon' is stretching a metaphor here; i think
of this as a filling out of a broken diegesis which is necessarily
thwarted by formal operations.)

these she things. came out of the room furious at me, talking wildly,
saying things i never imagined or invented. grasped my legs with hers and
we toppled onto bed. there was no turning back. outside a tremendous
downpour, i'd seen such downpour in life. looked each other began ritual
yearning, yearning eat, to sleep, fuck, wake dawn where new everything
world reversed, once for only this all. time something different; our skin
flew all ceremony directions, incomplete, worlds remained hours, years,
lived millennia. gluttony worlds, couldn't escape them, they were
everywhere. lifeforms boiled brewed stacked vibrations. vibrated frequency
their rotations, unbalanced, but always else, an intensity that varied
periodically slowly, punctuated by gamma-ray bursts from inconceivably
early universe. on single-string instrument played gluon, quark
double-stop time, danced naked: black hole has hairs, shaved quick about
it. triple-step convulsed protons neutrons, late energy. tell you more
can't; mouth is stopped within her, her there's little left murmur, much
less think

o alking oppled hese hings. remendous here ea he ri every ime some ual e,
glu his incomple s ions.  hing differen ony couldn' h hem, ions, ensi
single-s punc ime, abou . double-s ha y ep e wi ons neu op ring ins ; mou
can' rons, la ell bu hin opped

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