[NetBehaviour] [stuff-it] FW: Only 33 per cent of Americans believe in evolution (fwd)

Catherine Daly c.a.b.daly at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 18:26:24 CEST 2009

belief is not a requirement for science or art, and artists and
scientists share the problem that new things, paradigms, whatnot are

there are a few unchurched loons who are unconvinced evolutionary
biology has a basis in fact despite abundant evidence

or how about, although organized religion and faith play a small role
in the lives and thought of the majority, the history of human thought
is continually erased in favor of abject misreadings of three texts

most of my work is sited such that rather than a poem containing
history, it contains heresy

heresy is often literary criticism (critical thinking applied to
texts), and this is what it was in my first book; also, Inquisition
heresy, which was basically in the divorce between logic (computer...)
and love

in my new book, I am trying to extend that (in the first section) to
the ways in which the ideas of modern algebra (chip design), most
famously by Galois the revolutionary but unfortunately also by
Lagrange, Laplace, et.al., the defense contractors of their time, were
also ideas of cosmology, i.e. ideas of creation / origin

the protestant female heretics are a bit different; the concern was
what would happen if "just anybody" tried to read ""sacred" texts" --
it seems clear that while the notion is elitist and sexist, history
has taught us what happens when people who don't know how to read or
what text is for read or claim they are reading

I've gone on long enough, but I also want to add that here in the US
as well in many theocracies -- and this was what was striking about
the original survey (although far too few people were surveyed to
really indicate anything) -- cries of "censorship" and "free speech"
very effectively have been used to silence thoughtful people and
confuse the majority

All best,
Catherine Daly
c.a.b.daly at gmail.com

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