[NetBehaviour] Fourth Plinth.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Mon Jul 13 01:55:46 CEST 2009

Fourth Plinth.

By Mark Hancock on the furtherfield blog...

Anthony Gormleys' latest project One & Other, which is taking place on
the Fourth Plinth (why do I insist on the caps?) at Trafalgar Square in
London, is all at once: incredibly simple and very complex. Is it even,
in fact, art? If we decide that it is art, then what kind of art is it?

The simple premise of One & Other is that over 100 days, people are
invited to spend an hour on the plinth. So that’s 2400 people. What are
the criteria? Nothing more that having to sign-up on the website. I’m
assuming that you are allowed to do whatever you like, as long as it
isn’t illegal (at the time of writing, nobody has done anything illegal,
but it could change). You are set up on it, on the change of the hour,
with a large JCB (who are part sponsors of the event, along with
SkyArts) and picked up 60 minutes later. Simple.


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