[NetBehaviour] the thinking

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Jul 13 04:41:09 CEST 2009

(last one of these, sorry for too much psting - alan)

the  thinking

Clara: cap the cap
Clara: and loving,
Clara: cap cap thinking writing, writing, loving,
Clara:  thinking writing, murmur the and thinking and the
of of the loving, loving, murmur world world of writing,
writing, murmur
Alan: heard world of murmur of
Alan: in heard world of the heard hollow the heard world
world in of of hollow heard
Alan: in of shell, its the in the its close close of the hollow shell,
Tiffany: close of of close sounding through
Tiffany: close shell, close sounding fathoms through
Tiffany: close by through conversations, of through
Tiffany: fathoms these these of through sounding fathoms these
Honey: souls of fathoms of souls who who these of conversations,
Honey: lost lost who these these who their fathermothers, lost
Honey: who their mewling fathermothers, lost who have fathermothers,
Travis: and fathermothers, lost lost mewling pity! pity!
and fathermothers, their mewling pity! those pity!
and mewling and pity! unborn, unborn, pity! and
Travis: those to to unborn, pity! pity! unborn, this dimmed
to those those unborn, this life dimmed to unborn,
unbearable dimmed changing Joan: dimmed to to life bodies bodies
Joan: dimmed this life and directions, and
Joan: life
Joan: and changing changing bodies
Joan: changing directions, and and changing bodies bodies
changing genders
Sandra: and directions, directions, changing genders down
Sandra: and changing moods
Sandra: ripples where
Sandra: and and down no no where
Sandra: genders where longer reflect longer where down where
longer surface surface no where ripples reflect
Clara: surface no no surface languages, terms,
Clara: reflect reflect surface terms, obseqious terms,
Clara: surface striations, terms,
Alan: semiologies terms,
Clara: obseqious as as semiologies terms, languages, semiologies
if language if semiologies obseqious semiologies if conveyed
conveyed as semiologies
Alan: language humped humped conveyed as as conveyed against
the humped language language conveyed the physical the humped
conveyed meaning the which
Tiffany: the humped humped physical we we
Tiffany: the against
Tiffany: hear in hear
Tiffany: physical
Tiffany: hear our our we
Tiffany: which in networking networking our we we our and
speaking networking in in everyday speaking
Honey: speaking networking our everyday speaking or against
speaking networking networking
Honey: within within against speaking and against the abdominal
within against
Honey: against abdominal terminal terminal within against or abdominal
Travis: abdominal within within terminal ghosts! ghosts!
Travis: abdominal abdominal screen ghosts!
Joan: ghosts! screen terminal screen ghosts! swollen the ghosts!
Joan: world world the ghosts! ghosts! the of the world the
Joan: the the murmur murmur world the swollen the the the the
world world murmur world, the the the the of the ocean the of
murmur of the gone,
Sandra: the the the ocean this this
Sandra: the world,
Sandra: gone world, this
Sandra: ocean
Sandra: world, where where this
Sandra: gone, world, speaking speaking world, this this where
forms the speaking world, world, this the cap the this where
this cap   the speaking speaking cap    the forms      cap

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