[NetBehaviour] UK's National Portrait Gallery Threatens To Sue Wikipedia User.

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I consider that any downloadable picture from the web should be free to use
for not commercial purpose and
even when I think that Coetzee should stay put, I would recommend him the
removal of the picts asap.
Had a bad experience some years ago with copyright/intellectual property.
Litigation against "the institutions" is a lost war, specially on
international affairs.

The chances of Coetzee ending up broke are high because it is true that on
NPG webpage, next to the picture (King Henry VIII, in my case) there´s a
quite visible link saying Use this image on your
that leads to

They´re very clear on the subject: U wanna use? U gotta pay loads!
Just for fun, I´ve downloaded the rates and found them obscene, specially
the ones for academic use.
Another example of institutional greed?

I´m intrigued by how Coetzee could download high resolution images from NPG
The pict I dragged and dropped weights 84kb!!!
It´s a bit confusing: Them lawyers haven´t got a clue about resolution? or
the NPG webmaster is an ass who uploads and stores high resolution images in
the page? or Coetzee is a magician?

On Mon, Jul 13, 2009 at 1:50 AM, Pall Thayer <pallthay at gmail.com> wrote:

> > an 'unlawful circumvention of technical measures.' And remember, the
> > NPG's taxpayer-funded mission is to 'promote the appreciation and
> > understanding of portraiture in all media [...] to as wide a range of
> > visitors as possible!'"
> Well yeah. It sounded good on paper but we didn't like... actually... MEAN
> it.
> >
> > more...
> > http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Dcoetzee/NPG_legal_threat
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