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Welcome to the July issue of Furthernoise.org - Furtherfield.org's
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As always we are stocked up with new reviews and features on a host of
innovative noise makers for your listening & reading pleasure.

Furthernoise issue July 2009

"Infrequency Modulators" (feature)
Infrequency is Jamie Drouin and Lance Olsen's platform for small
editions of minimalist soundworks. It's been true to its name in terms
of releases, a sizeable sample of which follows. Most notable is a
keynote compilation, striking both for its archaeological concept and
its imaginative conceit, uniting polarities of primitive and
hyper-modern recording.
feature by Alan Lockett

"A Quiet Reverie - Mark Peter Wright" (review)
A Quiet Reverie is an exploration of the ruined abbeys of North East
England. It explores the relationship between phonography, history,
architecture and psychology by transporting the listener through sonic
review by Alex Young

"Breathletters - Sublamp" (review)
Los Angelos-based sound artist Ryan Connor uses the Sublamp monikor to
craft an airy pastiche of glacially evolving soundscapes in his recent
release Breathletters. He presents these conceptual sound works as
unwinding sculptural elements, abstract in form, yet suggesting natural,
environmental processes.
review by Derek Morton

"Cristophe Baulleau - Air Resort" (review)

review by Mark Francombe

"Escaping from Color, Rapoon Recomposed and Remixed - Various" (review)
The Ulkraine based Quasi Pop label have been quietly releasing
consistently innovative albums since 2001, and with a roster of a
virtual who's who of the sound art fraternity, this latest offering is
no exception. Escaping from Color, Rapoon Recomposed and Remixed is
fifteen track compilation of contributions from various artists remixing
audio from Rapoon's “Tribal Sci Fi” CD-ROM.
review by Roger Mills

"Gity - Homework" (review)
Homework is the project of one Andreas Lang from Munich and Gity is his
first release on his own very interesting q-tonelabel.The philosophy is
to release no specific style, although it's often rooted in minimalism,
sound-experiments or abstraction, with one interesting limitation; they
reject pure electronic music - it has to be partially recorded acoustically.
review by Mark Francombe

"Opus Spongebobicum & Frank Genius is Star Struck - Frank Rothkamm" (review)
Citing Jean Paul Satre from the Critique of Dialectical Reason in the
sleeve notes, 'the dialectic reveals itself only to [.....] an
investigator who lives his investigation' very much defines the approach
that I have come to expect from the one man label, composer, film maker
and theorist Frank Rothkamm
review by Roger Mills

"Persistent Repetition of Phrases - The Caretaker" (review)
Under the moniker Install is an independent record label run out of New
York. They specialize in experimental music and found sound., James
Kirby puts out music that can perhaps be most appropriately described as
quietly harrowing.
review by SongMing Ang

"Primal elements - Scott Baker" (review)
Abre Ojos creates hypnotic dystopian meditations, where images from our
collective past appear in mirrors, drawing the eye to the mandalic
figure in the center. The focus is narrowed further with the deep drones
that swell to fill the audio spectrum, ominous harbingers of a world
pared to the primal elements.
review by Caleb Deupree

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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