[NetBehaviour] *@netwurker: Meta_commentary Transcript from the 2008 _Twitterwurking Residency_*

mez breeze netwurker at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 06:15:09 CEST 2009

Tuesday, 1st of July.
02:09:43 just sent the 1st residency tweet. weird+fun, like a
schizoidal alter-avatar-ego. will use this
stream as a meta_tweet commentary 4rm now...
02:19:41 had 2 b fairy_tale_ish. code in_struct> Toto + Dorothy +
Wicked White Witches + Alice +
Matrix.Pwned.Rabbits: reality bitten, twice shed.

Wednesday, 2nd of July.
02:42:12 tweet.sculpting.m[inor]yself.in, tho
authorially_frozen:st.one_anatomy vs sonar bursts. my+ur
odd.trickling.granite blood spurts in2...?

Thursday, 3rd of July.
23:07:46 the birth. u+i="AllIce" [wot else]? all.ice/ granite_veins/
gravity_n[ull]icht/ c.ing//waiting[ling]/
non_flesh_grav[y?]e. she's User_Cute.

Friday, 4th of July.
08:55:59 [meta_tweet commentary 4:] witch.witch? the [blindingly]
white 1. bio_tumbling.all.ova.u.
[tri]c[k]ling[on = we r all.chemical.(par)celled].

Saturday, 5th of July.
09:39:02 meta_tweet_comm 5:] char_snap[man+nor wimmen neither]page.
AllIce s[h]elf_capt[l]ures.
@tempt @solo .reply. ness. [@if is fiction_tagged].

Sunday, 6th of July.
10:31:25 [-meta_tweet-_-6-] all. bet. streams. r. off. charavatars
b.gat[e]s+b.gin[+ narratiff.tonic, thx]s. :if u
r here: -:u:-r-now- :plot_fodder:

Monday, 7th of July.
10:16:35 [meta_tweet_7:] tricky.ma[ni]m[us]mals.chars :here:
m[of.]ilk.fur[ry.ness]. splatters. dna.

Tuesday, 8th of July.
10:10:10 [meta_t(s)weet_8:] na[s]t[ory.l]ure linings. mirrored
charavatar pelts. 4grounding +
back.hop[ti]p[pl]ings. w[h]or[l]d + self_melts.

Wednesday, 9th of July.
10:31:22 [metatweetsville 9]: plasteque terror vs cLaw[l]ed errors.
[so]journ[s]eys sneak thru: all eye+ no c.

Thursday, 10th of July.
09:35:19 R[m]et[a_t]weet:10: ALLICE sits up just as a reddish_brown
fur bundle hits her in the head.
ALLICE: ok this is just silly. WHO THREW THAT?

Friday, 11th of July.
09:15:07 [Mark_Meta_Tweet:11] The .Bundle .BLeeds.. AllIce. TApes. it.
t[w(h)]o(a). her. sKitte[n]ry.
chEst[imated life s(tor{y}e)igns: July302008].

Saturday, 12th of July.
09:58:58 [MMT:12] [char]n[t]ests + c.o[re(curs{ion}e)]vert fork[bombs]ings.

Sunday, 13th of July.
08:39:25 [MM_13:] [w]Itching + cOld. narrati[ON]ve. scr[h]atchings.
spiking pre_chavatars. s[t]ick[man]ening.life.

Monday, 14th of July.
09:09:17 [MMT: 14] se[.D.]duction. [wit(c)h]in. dent[d]ata. lips.

Tuesday, 15th of July.
09:36:58 [Met.ha(done). tweet :15:] a traditional Velvety fUrred Mam[a]milian...

Wednesday, 16th of July.
09:33:23 [MT16:] sign[ull]al.lost.

Thursday, 17th of July.
11:53:55 [Me(E)TA _ tweet-17:] l[c(l)]ocked + l[rail.r]oaded. theres a
cherub in. ur. mouth? oh hold on: u
*rub* ur mouth. don't u. in _ shock+awe.

Friday, 18th of July.
11:40:07 [MT18]: shak[e]y.spear[e]ing.words _with_ artless vurds.
body_m .ewe. lating. vector_t[j]aunting
.in. ur. pur. sonal. space[s].

Sunday, 20th of July.
00:56:28 [Meta_Tweetage 19:]authorial enter_vention. ah
synthetic_pen[(i)cil(lin)] is mightier than the
sWord. skEtching AllIce in.[char]Actor.cuts.
12:54:00 [MT20:] we[u]pons. anatomical, of course. layered: obviously.
clunky[device] + d.[the]Void .of.
subtley: yes pweese!

Monday, 21st of July.
11:25:11 [MT21:] runNINgOn. standingbAck. mObsNdRibs.

Tuesday, 22nd of July.
10:58:08 [MT22:] bleeding [char_l]edges + l[story.]aw[ning]ls.
drilling. down. + itchin. up. head. abovum.:
story. b_low.M. [u(ser).command,here]

Wednesday, 23rd of July.
09:03:47 [M(ain) T(ank{T-weet-T-whoo}) 23:] parent.stampings =
character's _avatars. slash -LED
-plasmoid -flesh -presence: ich /bin/jellydonut.

Thursday, 24th of July.
11:27:02 [Metah.Tweet 25:] silk[road] th[re]Read[ing]s. bLink on _+_
lunge off [grep dEv(ils) + rotten.lAce

Friday, 25th of July.
21:34:23 [MT26:] Ma[lu]rching.in2. the retelling.W[Y]ar[rrr!]. we Digg
+ P[st]oke. we mourn[ing .isn't .the
.only .broken .thang] f[H]ollowers.

Saturday, 26th of July.
10:52:55 [M(ea)T26:] such metap[w]hores. winding in2 cult[(l)ure]s +
iconograp[e of the fontifical]hs. is
AllIce j[g(l)]ealous?

Sunday, 27th of July.
09:51:24 [(e)M(p)-T27:] the hollowing begins. the _narravater_ makes
an app[(l)eyes+]ear[s.d]ance.
s[ew(ww!)]o late + so Far[aday/Cage/Genet?]

Monday, 28th of July.
11:02:02 [MT 28:]. irl creeps.in. echos+earth.Quake[1 + 2]s // Doom[2
+ 3]_like + watery.

Tuesday, 29th of July.
22:20:49 [MT29:] counting[le] down. the rabbit is the 1st 2 get it;
all furry.p[r]oofings in2 the white soft

Wednesday, 30th of July.
12:25:11 [MT30:] frozen.gone, now. she
slips.her.sacC[onda]Ri[ce]ne.way back in2 slinky.cold. corn[fairy
tail]e[d]rs. 1 2 go....

Thursday, 31st of July.
21:39:30 [Last Meta_Tweet(31):] the end[er's_like game, now done].
m[atr]ixing game_stories +
fairy_tailed me[a]taphwoars all.done. thx 4 riding:0)


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Game[r + ] Theorist.
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