[NetBehaviour] Fwd: [breakthrough] RE:BUNTU, Linux that kills itself and may kill you

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Fri Jul 17 13:30:26 CEST 2009

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k0a1a 2070 would like to bring to your attention:


"re:buntu is an illustration of a system making decisions by itself and
committing to self-maintenance. The system is continuously reloading a
copy of itself within itself  until the system memory runs out. When no
free memory is left the system needs to decide which one of the copies
of itself it shall kill in order to reproduce itself again, again and
again... "

read: http://k0a1a.net/rebuntu
run:  http://k0a1a.net/rebuntu/rebuntu-07142304.iso
see:  http://k0a1a.net/rebuntu/rebuntu-screencast-20mb.ogv


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