[NetBehaviour] Fwd: [breakthrough] RE:BUNTU, Linux that kills itself and may kill you

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Fri Jul 17 13:51:20 CEST 2009

is this m$ propaganda?

if you open a file so large that you run out of memory AND swap space, it
kinda serves you right - you should be aware that resources are finite.

i'm sure there's no chance it would happen somewhere where it is
critical for the system to keep running - the sys admins will be well
aware of the requirements of the system and configure it to handle these


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>k0a1a 2070 would like to bring to your attention:
>"re:buntu is an illustration of a system making decisions by itself and
>committing to self-maintenance. The system is continuously reloading a
>copy of itself within itself  until the system memory runs out. When no
>free memory is left the system needs to decide which one of the copies
>of itself it shall kill in order to reproduce itself again, again and
>again... "
>read: http://k0a1a.net/rebuntu
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