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b.a.n.g. lab researcher Micha Cardenas [ http://transreal.org ] will be
presenting a workshop at this year's  Hemispheric Institute of
Performance and Politics (HEMI) Summer Encuentro in Bogota, Colombia.
The title of her workshop is "New Hacktivism: From Electronic Civil
Disobedience to Mixed Reality Performance”. The outline for the workshop
is below. The Encuentro's [
] theme is "Staging Citizenship". From the description of the Encuentro:
"Our 7th Encuentro invites interested participants to investigate
"cultural rights" and their complex relationship to citizenship in both
historical and contemporary contexts. We understand cultural rights as a
juridical figure, a technology of power and an articulation that brings
together multiple political demands, social subjects and modalities of
citizenship. They allow us to explore the relationship between
performance and politics through diverse expressive forms, analytic
categories, disciplines, traditions and movements."

Workshop brief outline:

Hacktivism: From Electronic Civil Disobedience to Mixed Reality Performance
Workshop for the Hemispheric Institute for Performance and Politics
Encuentro 2009: Staging Citizenship
by Micha Cárdenas

“we are the virus of the new world disorder
rupturing the symbolic from within
saboteurs of big daddy mainframe
the clitoris is a direct line to the matrix”
- Cyberfeminist Manifesto, VNS Matrix

“Those who are against, while escaping from the local and particular
constraints of their human condition, must also continually attempt to
construct a new body and a new life... These barbaric deployments work
on human relations in general, but we can recognize them today first and
foremost in corporeal relations and configurations of gender and
sexuality. Conventional norms of corporeal and sexual relations between
and within genders are increasingly open to challenge and
transformation. Bodies themselves transform and mutate to create new
posthuman bodies.”
Hardt and Negri, Empire

The workshop will trace the trajectory from Hacktivism to Mixed Reality
Performance, considering the possibilities opened up by networked
gestures. Beginning with a discussion of Electronic Civil Disobedience,
its motivations and mechanisms, the workshop will introduce participants
to a number of strategies which are being used in post-contemporary
political struggles including Free/Libre/Open Source, DIY, Hacklabs,
Social Media and interventions in online public spaces such as Second Life.

Day 1 – Introduction to Hacktivism and Electronic Civil Disobedience

Intro to topics: Hacktivism, Networked Performance, Online Public Space
Digital Resistance as a response to the changing forms of Capital
Society as Assemblage
Electronic Civil Disobedience: Electronic Disturbance Theater
Virtual Sit-Ins

Day 2 – Free/Libre/Open Source, Hacklabs and Science of the Oppressed

Autonomy and World Building
Free/Libre/Open Source
Code as resistance in the Alter-Globalization Movement: Indymedia, the
Hacklabs from Western Europe to the borderlands
Science of the Oppressed: From ACT-UP to Cyberfeminism to Fadiat to
Social Media: Myspace, Youtube, Twitter, Orkut
Boredom Patrol, a silly netwar in the borderlands
>From Twitter to Identica

Day 3 – Interventions in Online Public Space

The Changing Nature of Public Space
Physical, Online, Mediated Public Spaces
Virtual Worlds, World of Warcraft, Second Life, Second Front
Becoming Dragon, gender and sexuality
Mixed Reality Performance
Motion capture, physical computing, new forms of display

blog: http://transreal.org

gpg key: 1024D/7E8B7A2B

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