[NetBehaviour] Remembering BBS Boards

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Tue Jul 28 14:13:39 CEST 2009

2009/7/27 mez breeze <netwurker at gmail.com>:
> on another [related] note: any thoughts on the AT&T block against
> 4chan? surprised net/b/'s don't have anything 2 say re it:
> http://www.centralgadget.com/att-blocking-access-to-portions-of-4chan-2336/
> /m/


"Unfortunately, as an unintended consequence of the method used, some
Internet users received errant traffic from one of our network
switches. A handful happened to be AT&T customers.
In the end, this wasn't a sinister act of censorship, but rather a bit
of a mistake and a poorly executed, disproportionate response on
AT&T's part."

....in response to fail on 4chan's part

- Rob.

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