[NetBehaviour] SummerLAB - Summer Camp for digital creators @ Laboral

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Wed Jul 29 13:36:26 CEST 2009


Summer Camp for digital creators @ Laboral
LABoral Art and Industrial Creation Centre, Gijón

SummerLAB 2009 is a gathering of creators, hackers and artists from
all over Spain who work mainly with open-source applications and
tools. (FLOSS)

SummerLAB is a participative event, an opportunity to work together in
the Asturian cool summer air. Its organization, based on the way
open-source software is developed, is free of hierarchy, only aiming
to establish a context where free will and mutual help are put to
creative purposes.

The programme consists of workshops, presentations, performances,
among other activities proposed and organized by the participants
themselves, from constructing musical instruments, producing a live
CD, to workshops on Streaming techniques or presenting development
environments, like OpenFrameworks, for multimedia projects.

The week will end with a vibrant Jam AValgoritmika - live video and music

More Info:

Olga P Massanet

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