[NetBehaviour] strange things happening ....????

Alexandra Reill alexandra.reill at kanonmedia.com
Tue Jun 23 11:39:57 CEST 2009

the mails went through last night 6 pm (i had sent them in the morning). 
maybe it was a traffic jam, don't know.
ngo for new media

alexandra reill

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> Hi Alexandra,
> I am sending this to netbehaviour as well, which means you should
> receive this twice.
> Your other post did get to the list by the way - about an hour ago.
> wishing you well.
> marc
>> Hi Marc,
>> sent what i just posted on fb to several mailing lists and made a test
>> with other email adresses which are mine - none of the emails went
>> through by now (we are talking about min. 15 minutes now). One of the
>> mailing lists was netbehaviour. Did it go through on netbehaviour?
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