[NetBehaviour] The London Theatre, a Curious Collection of British Plays

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Mar 3 08:59:01 CET 2009

The London Theatre

A Curious Collection of 24 Volumes of Early Nineteenth-Century
Actors' Copies of British Drama, assembled by Thomas Dibdin,
of the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Chiswick, 1814-1818

The plays in each volume:

01 The Rivals, The Beggar's Opera, Venice Preserved, The Irish Widow
02 The West Indian, A Bold Stroke for a Wife, Isabella, The Quaker
03 The Provoked Husband, Douglas, Lost in a Village, Fortune's Frolic
04 The Belle's Strategem, The Brothers, The Gamester,
Richard Coeur de Leon
05 Man of the World, The Grecian Daughter, Maid of the Mill,
High Life Below Stairs
06 She Stoops to Conquer, The Revenge, The Busy Body, Rosina
07 Lionel and Clarissa, Three Weeks After Marriage,
The Fashionable Lover, Jane Shore
08 The Beaux' Strategem, The Fair Penitent, The Critic,
Miss in Her Teens
09 The Hypocrite, Cato, George Barnwell, Midas
10 All in the Wrong, Alexander The Great, The Way to Keep Him, Comus
11 The Jealous Wife, The Mourning Bride, Tancred and Sigismunda,
The Guardian
12 The Clandestine Marriage, The Roman Father, The Inconstant,
The Padlock
13 Tamerlane, The Wonder, Rule a Wife and Have a Wife, The Tobacconist
14 A Trip to Scarborough, Suspicious Husband, The Siege of Damascus,
The Apprentice
15 Oronoko, Count of Narbonne, The Confederacy, The Devil to Pay
16 She Would and She Would Not, Love for Love, Mahomet, The Citizen
17 The Orphan of China, Every Man in his Humour, Recruiting Officer,
The Mayor of Garrett
18 A New Way to Pay Old Debts, The Duke of Milan, The Orphan,
The Recruiting Sergeant
19 The Country Girl, The Good-Natured Man, Zara, The Two Misers
20 The Conscious Lover, The Double Dealer, Cymon, The Mock Doctor
21 The Distrest Mother, The Chapter of Accidents,
The Lord of the Manor, What Next?
22 The Refusal, All for Love, The Farmer's Wife, The Lying Valet
23 The Double Gallant, Which is the Man, The Earl of Warwick,
The Virgin Unmasked
24 The Way of the World, Edward the Black Prince, The Miser,
Polly Honeycombe

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