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Katharine Norman katharine at stayconscious.com
Tue Mar 3 09:27:54 CET 2009

this is great, thanks so much Jena - and perfect timing for me, since 
I'm giving a student seminar on the topic of sound, art and language 
this Friday.


on 03/03/2009 1:28 AM Majena Mafe wrote:
> Hi all, I have added some of the posts from netbehaviour to my blog 
> that-unsound http://that-unsound.blogspot.com/. That-unsound was set 
> up to be a storage space for my research into sound and language when 
> I started post-grad study. Am presently doing a PhD on 
> sounded-language and writing a theory of it using Gertrude Stein’s 
> voice/work. I knew I’d need something juicy to sustain me during the 
> dry slogs. So far it’s helped me connect with dozens of others 
> interested in sound and language so thought I’d share it again with 
> you all. It quite a full resources. Netbehavior also keep me juiced 
> up. Ruth Catlow’s list was great, thank you and thank you all.
> Besides writing sounded feminist ficto-critical theories (ha!) on 
> sound in language, I make digital films and sound pieces. A new sound 
> piece by me is featured at the top of the blog, called ‘useful 
> phrases’. Anyway you will get more of my drift from the blog and its 
> links to my other work.
> Cheers Jena
> Majena Mafe
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> http://sounded-language.blogspot.com 
> <http://sounded-language.blogspot.com/>
> (Let me listen to me and not to them... Gertrude Stein 
> <http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/g/gertrudest145620.html>)
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