[NetBehaviour] publication of my text - pdf conversion

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Tue Mar 3 16:53:22 CET 2009

Hi Simon -

Why I'm not sure. He originally wrote a very effusive letter to me saying 
he'd be glad to publish it and send it along. I only had the pdf copy and 
sent it; he wrote back and said it was unusable and he couldn't save it as 
anything else. I wrote back and said I was trying to get a decent conver- 
sion (I did eventually). He wrote back and said he thought the manuscript 
was ready for publication and since it wasn't he had doubts about publish- 
ing it. He then wrote a second time and withdrew his offer completely. At 
that point I was angry and wrote him a letter saying he shouldn't havemade 
the offer in the first place, etc. etc. And that was that. The only thing 
I can think of is that maybe he made or withdrew the offer on drugs or 
felt he was over his head and panicked - I don't know. I haven't heard 
from him since and don't want to - I spent three days on the conversion.

Anything else you might write him - he might be more open with you than 
with me - Gatza, Geoffrey -- Geoffrey Gatza" <editor at blazevox.org> - but 
it's dead in the water.

At one point Minnesota indicated they were probably going to do the book; 
they withdrew when it became clear Sandy wouldn't be able to finish the 
framework any time soon. Since I'd waited about a year on the framework, I 
asked him about proceeding with the manuscript as is/was, and he agreed, 
so we wrote Minnesota accordingly. The work stands as it is; I personally 
doubt Sandy would have the time to go back into it, but it reads fine, if 
a bit non-academic, In any case, at this point it seems I can't even get a 
publish-on-demand press to do it!

My writing, as I said somewhere else, is hopeless in terms of any sort of 
permanency (for books are slightly more permanent - not much - than files 
on my webpage) - they're always on the verge of disappearance and I have 
to live with that. I hate cross-posting stuff but it seems the only way I 
can get any readership at all.

- Alan, and thanks for asking

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