[NetBehaviour] Odyssey going down and thank you

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Wed Mar 4 06:05:26 CET 2009

Thank you for writing Steve Dietz; I haven't heard back.

I've soured on Odyssey the last few days - the politics, people interfer- 
ing with each other, etc., are depressing. Sugar Seville ran Odyssey 
brilliantly by not running it; with her leaving, structure has become 
reified and contested. On one level this is good - a way of seeing a 
larger picture - but on the other it suddenly emphasizes ideological 
issues that are debilitating, I think I put up a second work on the site 
along with Selavy Oh; Gaz came in and created a "prism" over the whole 
area which subverts what I was doing, etc. This is fine and in the spirit 
of Odyssey at least at the moment - I'm just not personally interested in 
working this way. As far as a museum goes, that would be good for SL in 
general - once Linden runs out of steam, if SL closes down (and it surely 
will), all these relatively early experiments in virtual culture will be 
gone. We can save "inventories," but without the proper software, they'll 
be as useless as the 10" floppy disk I have with pascal programs I wrote 
in 1977...

- Alan

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