[NetBehaviour] Open call for Urban Intervention Projects.

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Wed Mar 4 12:16:44 CET 2009

Open call for Urban Intervention Projects.

Two deadlines for submitting proposals for two festivals coming: TINAG 
(This is Not a Gateway Festival, http://www.thisisnotagateway.net/) and 
Urban Hacking (http://paraflows.at/).

TINAG festival takes place in Dalston (London, UK) and it's a small 
festival addressing issues related to the city. Deadline for 
submissions: March 16th 2009. "Over the course of 3 frenetic days, This 
Is Not A Gateway (TINAG) will bring together people living and working 
in Europe, whose main preoccupation is the city. The festival will take 
place in London on 23, 24 and 25 October 2009."

Urban Hacking, Paraflows takes place in Vienna (Austria). Deadline: 
March 15th 2009. "We are interested in projects that investigate the use 
of urban space for performances, the hacking of and intervention with 
urban publics. How can areas of freedom be created, discovered and be 
put to use? How do regulated spaces work as opposed to the unsupervised? 
Whom does the city/street/net and their infrastructure belong to?

What role does technology play in the urban space? How can social 
structures be designed and remodelled? How can a^EUR~urban 
hackinga^EUR^(TM) redefine urban space, make us think about and live in 
it along different lines? To what extend can the redefinition of public 
spaces help to manifest protest against the establishment, 
advertisement, and consumerist societies?"


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