[NetBehaviour] Tired of Second Life Tires First

Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Thu Mar 5 02:09:30 CET 2009

Tired of Second Life Tires First

After making and monitoring an installation for nine months, artist runs
into murky politics, land-vandal issues, and aesthetic interference. He
counters "what SL [Second Life] is all about is what I'm not; you [I] work
day and night on something to have effect canceled by someone else." His
masterwork "The Accident" [sic] was removed earlier this week, by himself.
"During the removal process," he rejoined, "not by design I removed far
too much, opening myself to great criticism, luckily countered by the gen-
erosity of others in quickly repairing whatever damage may have accrued."
He then went on to build anew, a work in part based on a momentary access
to another part of the great SL universe. Such was the case that he turned
it over from one parcel [parcel] to another in a matter of moments coupled
with obsessive tuning. "I liked what I did," he declaimed, and my friend
Selavy Oh interspersed his work with mine, something we had spoken about
after his work appeared earlier with "The Accident" creating indeed an
accident that made it difficult to finish final film and video-vertigo
which I had desired for the remnant of documentation opened to me. Thus he
withdrew at that earlier moment in SL time [not real time] and reinstalled
at this later date and thus it stood for all time [not real time] meaning
perhaps a day in quality." At which point double prismatic interferences
first made everyone inaccessible to everyone else and second made the
overt effect of the work ultimately unmalleable and unsupportable. Artist
continued with broken statement about what he co-termed "defuge": that
state of decathecting, disgust, exhaustion, and disinvestment after every-
thing goes awry." True to his turning away with "disgust," he intoned his
inability to continue making things in a world that simultaneously re-
quired investment and release: "doing something and then forgetting about
it or that one has done it or that one need welcome any subsequent change
by others." For the construction of large-scale possibilities, he thought
it far too much to think through when nothing would remain even in an
immediate future but for alterations by others in an already unstable
situation. "I have learned my lesson," he finally replied, "I am not free
nor will I be nor are you [you] nor anyone else I know. We write our own
programs in the language of the other and my behavior searches for asylum
far from the maddening crowding confusion of protocols, programs, codes,
languages, scripts, textures, and prim-prims." "Let me sink into thought,"
he cried, "let me sink! let me sink!"


access the accident http://slurl.com/secondlife/Odyssey/48/12/22

tiredness of Second Life

SL Odyssey's sim (simulation region) is undergoing governance issue and
I'm undergoing defuge, that sense of decathecting, staleness, and exhaus-
tion that I've written about before. I'm not sure I'm alone in this, and
I'm bringing baggage from participation on the Quota Review Board    n

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