[NetBehaviour] uk govt on copy right, left and don't know

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
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Hi Simon,

Yes, I agree they will have a tough time legislating it, but I think 
they will blindly do it anyway in some awkward form. Then many will be 
collared under their broad-sweeping, ill-thought out laws.

The UK governmnent are legislating many silly ideas at the moment, 
mainly neurotic attempts (supposedly) based around stopping the influx 
of terrorism.


They are going to have a hard time making that stick, in some cases. It 
is pretty clear that when you take somebody’s content and use it in 
something else then that is a potential breach of copyright. We have 
been there before with Scratch and sampling. However, a lot of mash-ups 
do not involve the appropriation of other’s content but rather the 
linking together of the various functionalities of things employing 
protocols of some kind. Here I am thinking of how you can mash up things 
like Flickr and Google Maps using GPS protocols. You are not 
appropriating the two appplications in question but simply employing 
their functionality to create a third potentiality.

However, another issue does become apparent here. Is the user created 
content on web 2.0 sites like facebook copyrighted? If so then it would 
be illegal to use this material in such a mash-up.



On 5/3/09 10:48, "bob catchpole" <bobcatchpole at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

UK opposes copyright exemptions for mash-ups... 


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