[NetBehaviour] Guattari's Schizoanalytic Cartographies.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Sat Mar 7 08:27:12 CET 2009

Guattari's Schizoanalytic Cartographies.

By brianholmes

or, the Pathic Core at the Heart of Cybernetics

A desiring mind seeks infinity, and finds it today in a proliferation of 
signals: electromagnetic waves beaming down from the skies, fiber-optic 
cables emerging from the seas, copper wires woven across the continents. 
The earthly envelope of land, air and ocean -- the realm of organic 
life, or biosphere -- is doubled by a second skin of electronically 
mediated thought: the noosphere. It's a vast, pulsating machine: a coded 
universe grown complex beyond our grasp, yet connected at every pulse to 
the microscopic mesh of nerve cells in our flesh.

Such is the contemporary circuit of communication. Its existence raises 
two basic questions. What will be the destiny of this intangible 
planetary skin? And how does it unfold in our own bodies?


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