[NetBehaviour] Gite Set

dave miller dave.miller.uk at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 19:38:45 CET 2009

Hi everyone,

I made this drawing "Gite Set" - over the last couple of days and
wanted to share it. I'd love to hear any feedback:


Please make sure you click on the image and zoom in to see it at full
size (1500px wide) , as it looks blurred otherwise. I'm not sure if
via Platform58 is a good way of presenting the work to be honest, I
just thought I'd try it out.

Anyway here's some info on the drawing:

"Gite set" explores the recent phenomenon of English people emigrating
to France and running gites. It studies the subject from a number of
angles - such as reasons why people want to do this, how dreams can be
undone, socio-economic factors driving this, and I mix this with an
invented story. These are superimposed on each other like layers of
acetate, to try to reveal a bigger picture and show how things are
connected and linked up.

I'm describing this as "Diagram Art" - a mixture of mind maps/decision
diagrams/flowcharts/system diagrams/moodboards/graphic novels. They
engage with social and current issues - but issues which are part of
my life - as I have actually considered doing something like this.
It's my attempt to explore quite serious subjects and explain them in
depth in a fun accessible way.

many thanks, dave

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