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Via Kyd Campbell.

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INTERACTIVOS? LIMA'09: MAGIC & TECHNOLOGY - Open Call for Collaborators

RAINBOWS was selected by Medialab Prado for a residency in Lima, Peru in 
April. I will travel to Lima and I look for technical and creative 
collaborators for this project who can also join me in Peru. You can 
find more info here on the forum 
[http://forommm.medialab-prado.es/viewtopic.php?pid=922#p922] and you 
can apply to be a collaborator by filling out the online form on the 
Medialab Prado website 
apply by April 7th.

please check out my project RAINBOWS and if you're interested apply as a 
collaborator or forward this info on to anyone that might be interested.
Feel free to contact me for more info : Kyd Campbell [[ 
kyd[at]frontierlab[dot]org ]]
the project info : http://www.frontierlab.org/rainbows

RAINBOWS is an interactive artwork that questions the consequences of 
digital image consumption by allowing anonymous contributors in public 
space to safely dispose of their unwanted images and contribute to the 
occurrence of real rainbows.

Thanks a lot for disseminating this info. This residency is a great 
opportunity to make major technical advancement on the Rainbows project 
and I really look forward to the new collaborations.

Please especially send this along to anyone who is in Peru or has 
contacts there.

Open call for collaborators for the INTERACTIVOS? LIMA'09: Magic and 
technology advanced project development workshop. Collaborators will 
have the oportunity to join the work teams that will develop selected 
proposals to build software pieces and interactive installations which 
propose a rethinking of the usual scenario in magic tricks, marked by a 
very clear separation between the wizard and the spectators. 
Submissions' deadline: April 7, 2009. No entry fees.

Medialab-Prado and the Cultural Center of Spain in Lima - AECID issue a 
call for all those interested in taking part in the INTERACTIVOS? 
LIMA'09: Magic and technology (in Lima, from April 13 through 28, 2009), 
by collaborating in any of the teams that will develop the selected 
proposals. The workshop takes places at Escuelab (address: Jirón de la 
Unión 1044, 5 Fl.)

The role of the collaborator is crucial in these kind of workshops' 
statement and development process, as they are constituted as a 
horizontal collaborative work environment, knowledge interchange and 
theoretical-practical training among teachers, authors and collaborators.

Collaborators can join any of the developing teams that will carry out 
the selected proposals, depending on their particular interests and 
skills, thus contributing with their knowledge and skills and at the 
same time learning from the other group members and from the leading 
tutors (Julian Oliver, Clara Boj, Diego Díaz, and Kiko Mayorga).

According to the open call guidelines, collaborators' names will be 
acknowledged in the final prototypes. Medialab-Prado can issue a diploma 
to collaborators after completing the workshop.

If you are interested, please submit the form you will find below before 
April 7, 2009.
Submitting the form involves your acceptance as a collaborator (no 
selection process)

In the "Comments" field, please specify:
· Your time availability to attend the workshop (as much dedication as 
possible is recommended, since it is an intensive workshop).
· Títle of the project you would like to collaborate in.

bests, Kyd

Kyd Campbell
kyd at frontierlab.org

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