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Ruth Catlow ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org
Mon Mar 9 16:51:11 CET 2009

Public Performance of “The Spell” 
1.30pm Friday 20th March 2009

The V&A Museum of Childhood
Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2

Featuring students from Arnhem
Wharf, Beatrice Tate and George
Green’s schools, as well as
participants from The Roundhouse

Entrance is free, please RSVP by
March 16th.
Contact Christine Janssen, Drake
Music on 020 7739 5444 or email
connectingacrossdifference at drakemusicproject.org


Working in partnership with Furtherfield.org, Drake Music has
commissioned a team of outstanding composers, artists and musicians to
create and direct the performance of a new work on the theme of
Connecting Across Difference. A season of creative workshops with young
musicians from mainstream and special schools in the borough of Tower
Hamlets and from The Roundhouse Project in Camden will culminate on
Friday 20th March with a live multimedia performance at The V&A Museum
of Childhood. 

Connecting Across Difference is inspired by visits to the Museum of
Childhood and imaginative and playful explorations of the challenges and
excitement of encountering and coming to know people who are different;
who speak differently, have different ambitions, interests, skills and
abilities, or who have different traditions and histories. These ideas
are played out in the narrative of the piece, a journey unfolds where
creatures from different worlds go on a musical adventure to discover
new ways to talk and play together using old and new instruments. A
sculptural installation provides a visual analogue to the new musical

During the workshops students have used cutting edge assistive
technology and custom made experimental instruments, as well as
traditional instruments and song. This has been an excellent opportunity
for young people of differing abilities and musical experience to be
involved in the development and performance of the final piece, in
unique and exciting ways. 

The project blog www.connectingacrossdifference.net has made it possible
for participants from different school groups to share their work in the
form of images, video and sounds. This has enabled them to respond to
and work with each others' musical ideas throughout the project towards
a final performance that reflects their diverse musical enthusiasms and

Connecting Across Difference features a mentoring programme for the
project’s three associate musicians, providing opportunities to develop
their skills and experience in a participation and outreach setting.
Throughout the creative process, the associates have worked closely with
their mentors and collaboratedextensively with all members of the team,
creating an environment for artistic exchange and exploration, mutual
learning and development.


Commissioned by Drake Music

Directed and Produced by Furtherfield.org in partnership with Drake

Partners: THAMES, V&A Museum of Childhood, The Roundhouse

The Team

Director: Carien Meijer (ceo Drake Music)
Artistic Director: Ruth Catlow (Co-director Furtherfield.org)
Lead Composers: Kerry Andrew and Ed Farmer
Music Technologist: Nick Wilsdon
Media Artist: Nick Laessing
Associate Musicians: Melanie Clifford, Victoria Oruwari and Anya
Mentors: Daryl Beeton and Lynn Cox

Project Manager: Miranda Peake
With the support of Anna Thorpe -Tracey and the rest of the Drake Music

Funded by: THAMES, City Bridge Trust, State Street Bank, Richard Reeves
Foundation, Helen Hamlyn Trust, Youth Music, John Lyons Charity, Richard
Cloudesley Trust, PRS Foundation, Promenaders.

About the Artists

Ruth Catlow

Ruth is a media artist, educator and co-founder and co-director of
Furtherfield.org and HTTP Gallery in North London. She works
collaboratively with other artists, technologists, musicians, writers,
activists and thinkers from around the world, to devise and realise
artistic projects that explore relationship, connectedness and
participation; developing platforms with their own distinct artistic and
social contexts. Her work has been exhibited internationally and in the
UK at venues including the CCA, Glasgow and The Baltic, Gateshead.

Kerry Andrew

Kerry Andrew is a composer, performer and educator specialising in
contemporary vocal music and music-theatre with a twist of pop, jazz,
folk, world music and everything in between. Her choral work is
published by Oxford University Press; choral and experimental work has
been heard on BBC Radio 3, BBC Radio 4, Classic FM and on national news
channels. She performs with the experimental vocal trio juice,
the avant-jazz groups DOLLYman and metamorphic, and as a leftfield pop

Ed Farmer

Ed is a composer, performer and musical director, based in London,
working in film, television, theatre, and music for the stage and
screen. Since studying at The Royal College of Music he has been
nominated for the European Film Music Award, and written music for
numerous documentaries, animations, dramas and comedies. Ed’s concert
compositions have been performed at London's National Gallery, National
Portrait Gallery and Victoria and Albert museum. Current concert music
commissions include a new chamber opera, and a piece for the ensemble
Unit Six. 


Nick Wilsdon 

Nick Wilsdon is a Sound Designer & Artist based in South London. A
graduate of The University of Edinburgh's MSc Sound Design programme,
Nick builds bespoke software and reappropriates technologies to create
instruments, interactive installations and improvised music. 

Nick Laessing

Nick Laessing is a British artist based in Berlin. His diverse work
incorporating video, sculpture, performance and kinetic works,
investigates scientific inventions and the relationship of science,
belief, and unproven scientific phenomena. His work has most recently
been performed and exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion in
London, 2008, and throughout 2008-9 in commercial galleries in London,
Paris, Geneva, Berlin and Bologna.

About Drake Music

Drake Music is a music and technology organisation. We provide disabled
musicians of all ages with progression routes into music and the
cultural sector in general. We work primarily with people who have
severe physical impairments, using assistive music technology to
explore, create and perform music. Increasingly, we also collaborate
with a much wider range of musicians, including people with cognitive
and sensory impairments. Our work takes place in the South West, North
West, East Midlands, London and the South East. Drake Music’s team of
musicians, technologists, educators and artists has a unique track
record in the creative use of assistive technology and new technologies.
We provide a diverse range of music & cross-arts initiatives and connect
disabled and non-disabled musicians, artists, and many others, -
locally, nationally and internationally.

Drake Music is an Arts Council RFO

About Furtherfield.org

Furtherfield.org is an artist-led organisation that provides platforms
for creating, viewing, discussing and learning about experimental
practices in art and technology. We work online and in physical space
from our North London based gallery, where we collaborate with a
community of artists, musicians, technologists, thinkers and educators.
We engage with people through our programme of commissions, exhibitions,
internships, networking, participatory projects, peer exchange,
publishing, research, residencies and workshops. We believe that through
creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology
people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their
cultures and societies. 

Furtherfield.org is an Arts Council RFO

Public Performance of “The Spell”
1.30pm Friday 20thMarch 2009
The V&A Museum of Childhood
Cambridge Heath Road, London, E2

For enquiries please contact Ruth Catlow
ruth.catlow at furtherfield.org

For information regarding access to The Museum of Childhood please visit
the website www.vam.ac.uk/moc/your_visit/access/index.html

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