[NetBehaviour] EXHIBITION. Liminal: A Question of Position

Olga olga.panades at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 17:13:33 CET 2009

Liminal: A Question of Position

11 Mar – 25 Apr 2009

Using digital media to explore how we position ourselves physically
and culturally.
Over 20 artists will come together to investigate what it means to
live in a city -
the urban hub where culture, society and beliefs collide.

Liminal is concerned with interactions between the city, new media,
technologies and cultural diversity. Information architectures share
similarities with the architectures of cities, of institutions and
bureaucracies and of the corporation and the state. How might the
architectures of information be implicated in the power relations of
communities? The visual capacities of new media provide the potential
to platform a range of voices although this involves the
cross-cultural negotiation and the forging of new forms of identities.

Liminal provides an opportunity to explore questions of boundary
through the ‘body' of Rivington Place. Its architect, David Adjaye,
suggests that the spaces within the building should exist in a
non-hierarchical relationship with each other. Liminal also engages
with the street and the wider public sphere as a continuum with the


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