[NetBehaviour] Orson Welles - rejected from the RomaEuropaWebFactory Prize

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Wed Mar 11 20:49:56 CET 2009

"I am Orson Welles.
I never really wanted to join Roma Europa Web Factory.
I understand the beauty and significance of a fake.
As for my style, for my vision of the cinema, editing is not simply one 
aspect; it's the aspect.
Fake is as old as the Eden tree.
Today I believe that man cannot escape his destiny to create whatever it 
is we make:
jazz, a wooden spoon, or graffiti on the wall.
All of these are expressions of man's creativity, proof that man has not 
yet been destroyed by technology.
But are we making things for the people of our epoch or repeating what 
has been done before?
And finally, is the question itself important?
We must ask ourselves that.
The most important thing is always to doubt the importance of the question.
I am Orson Welles.
I never really wanted to join Roma Europa Web Factory."

Orson Welles is one of the most influential artists of the contemporary 
era, touching the domains of cinema, theatre, fiction, radio in a 
continuous research that trespasses the borders between art, 
communication, psychology, performance.
His works gave us the chance to perceive art's transformation, in a form 
in which art and falsificaion are divided by boundaries that are 
ethereal and fluid, eventually overlaying and touching.

Orson Welles' "the War of the Worlds" radio performance was rejected by 
the RomaWuropa Web Factory competition.

"This is not original work!" was the scream of the Jury.

Orson Welles now joined RomaEuropaFAKEFactory, here:


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