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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Sat Mar 14 06:52:05 CET 2009


so the sign of the body is the body of the sign, the sign-body or body-
sign, and these are meaning by virtue of the signature but doesn't this
collapse with the incipience of death - meaning towards non-meaning as
asymptotic towards death - when does meaning collapse - disappear - what
constitutes the falling-away of meaning - the disappearance of locus -
it's towards classical physics that one takes comfort in the return - the
replete or fecund sign - let's say signifier, pointing-towards - but there
are many histories - let's say an infinite number - intrinsic pointers -
at the other end, defuge, exhaustions - let's say, from the appearance of
the subject - the apparency, appetition, of one - singularity reined in by
virtue of the corral of the sign-body - what appears to be genidentity -
it's here that the masquerade begins - all those tendrils towards death -
what happens when the subject loses the fecundity of origins through its
disappearance - from the viewpoint of the subject, the world is over-
wrought - now one might turn towards the virtual or inscribed body - a
collocation of confused signifiers - the mind and its disappearance -
eternity inhabits the virtual - that's the _subject_ speaking - death
comes but death comes about - when signs come and the signs are unnamed -
when the signs are innumerable - when the signs are a-signifying, inert,
obdurate - when the signs are speechless - then death appears - death
appears without significance - the anguish of death is this - the lack of
significance - abject spew of the lack - neither this nor that - not both
this and that - but one's not around for any or all of this - the anguish
of death is this - that one's not around - neither for the news or the
weather -


the ~/accident http://slurl.com/secondlife/Odyssey/48/12/22

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