[NetBehaviour] XorGramana ALPHA (0.0.6)

james morris james at jwm-art.net
Fri Mar 13 16:22:14 CET 2009

In this release of XorGramana, things are nearly all working. The first
level, "Newbies Request" is fully playable, while the second level
"My Race Mud" is only half-designed - coming stuck upon the fact that
not everything is working (ie bomb detonation checks for gravitating
objects does not handle the new up-rising and right-running objects).

Another development is the icons for objects now have 'indicators'
overlaid representing the object's behavioural characteristics. A long
blue arrow represents the direction the object will 'gravitate' given
the chance (don't get in their way). A long red arrow represents the
orientation of a bomb object's blast (ie horizontal or vertical). A
single green stubby arrow means that the object can be pushed one block
at a time in that direction. Two green stubby arrows joined means the
object will 'run' when pushed in that direction (and won't stop until
it is blocked).

Get this ALPHA (0.0.6) release from

This file illustrates what checks should take place
when a bomb object is detonated. Please view in a

Game Logic

The game logic within the original Xor game, which I (hopefully)
correctly implemented in XorCurses, had the following important
rules governing precedence of moving objects:

If player moves right to collect a pickup which has
both a falling object and a left-running object resting
against it (the pickup) then which moves first depends
on which direction the player moves to get out of it.

If player moves down, the left-moving object moves before
the falling object. If the player moves left, the falling
object moves before the left-moving object. (And if there
were chains of objects all of each type move before the
other type).

more: http://jwm-art.net/light.php?p=j20090313-1415

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