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Alan Sondheim sondheim at panix.com
Mon Mar 16 03:06:13 CET 2009


always the case that _writing_ does not survive _without_ the death of the
and only an absence of text denoting death or just boredom with computer i
would lie a real guy or apple pie as death came nigh as blood did dry as
few that sought the loo with real goo or sappy poo as death came slew as
music acknowledging the universe and death about death being a handled
thing its down there fiery black of the screen death white of the screen
death back you start the life up down death's wooshed to things and names
back into the death constituted as a could make everything quiet and even
his own death basho's words flowing through a space of his death and
swimming towards me and it's a sentence of life and death the future
anterior and the warding off and on of death molten life and lost deaths
great pools of wonder warm fluids swords what might be tendency towards
death deaths in storms /usr/bin/split join is /usr/bin/join death not
found life not found death in this vacancy the other words call death (but
   no signs of our summers and deaths the stars look over death look over
death mourning the death of each and every we are driven by the image of
death every day we bypass death in every way we mistake immanence for the
surety of death stories about death death is absolutely neutral & one is
fated to die & death can come at any time & death is completely random &
death is the absolute end & there is valent & all deaths end the same &
death kills ghosts & death has no excuses & death has no morals & death
has no ethics & death is existence & one cannot prepare for death & all
life occurs in life & death is always invisible & life is a withdrawal &
death has no movement & death kills worlds & death has no place in the
universe & death is universal & death devours death & death is neither
subject nor object & death is always tired & death leaves a trail & death
leaves a trace & death is traceless & there is no history after death &
death is final & death has no stories & death is always absent & there is
no death & there is no passage & death is not brutal & death is
inconceivable & death has no attributes & shunt the paste of world and
death somehere fearful and unknown balance of death and water balance of
life and death the balance of water and air balance of death 'sdeath
   (setq deathlst
*charred death charred ashes
three months after my mother/s death/ the dreams are hitting harder/
the death of my father as well/ fictitious/ it plays a role/ fury
ments/ the closeups appear/ the deaths begin all over again/ i barely
i will stop death by placing a tiny pebble in front of me
i will stop death's hard breathing by placing a small rock
i will stop death's approach by placing another stone
i will stop death's reading and writing by placing a boulder
  to desperately wish for death forgetting desperation
  to be present at aborted births and deaths of substance
from the trenches the footnotes send death
such dismal death and destruction wrought by others
the bibliographic function carries death to the ultimate
death haiku
     death hurts and last words
dignity in death lies to the living
nothing memorable comes from death
     death always hurts
knowing death is living in it
reproduced through an exponential increase in noise including the death of
greater deaths
 		     from one heat death of the universe to the other
neither fear death nor love life
oh death along the vector the highway shot into darkness
of death that you can locate somewhere other than the locus of books found
in the specter of death
and the sword of death
with the scepter of death
that death alone has a finality while life is nothing more than
antennas receiving the news of my not so recent death
he didn't see anything he didn't talk his death was everyone there were
his death was everyone there were dead raped children there were
prepare for your death
there is no emptiness in massive death
filter of exhaustion near death
      //////////////// to death i'm wed ////////////////
inevitable deaths in every world
cancer death and water the balance of death and water balance of death and
electrical fury and death
all of his work is about his death
repeatedly death just as has ridden violence
deeming deathbells
timing deathbells
deeming deathbells
death clout
every moment rushing towards her death
for the death of one of us there are halves
for the death of two there are quartered
for the death of one there are two
for the death of two there are four
for the death of one of us there are halves
they will kill us the death of two
for the death of one of us there are halveswith offers that incl for the
death of one of us there are abcdefghijklmnopqrs tongues pay from no
mouths attention one for there death halves one attention nothing for stop
death violence violence all all dead dead and all dichotomies of war and
peace and life and death the writing should open after the death of the
writer the portal should open after the death of the reader the writing
should be the birth and death of writing death the writer writing
unlocking the key unlocking locking and and as amaze the were should born
amaze anew the birth death understood no by received several telephone
death threats not condoning wonton acts of death so spent encroaching
write schort before quyk so of encroaching sentence schort hie quyk he of
death sentence spent hie write he before never know the difference but and
furious death or this line is dispersed or death furious and currently
redeem custody danbaba kept search make death due deceided death i cant
escape thee death thou art behind me death i cant escape thee death thou
are behind me death thou dost confound me death i can't escape thee death
thou dost confound me death i can't escape thee death i die in sleep of
thee death thou dost confound me death i die in sleep of thee death thou
dost confound me death thou art upon me death i die in sleep of thee death
thou art upon me death i die in sleep of thee death i can't escape thee
death thou art upon me death i can't escape thee death thou art upon me
solely by our impending deaths or does sexuality play a part? if males
every body harbored the scent of death death i cant escape thee death thou
art behind me death i cant escape thee death thou are behind me
  death huddled against a doorway   there are no answers in this useless
  dealing with after spousal death depression  it no longer matters if
by death done half it chemistry quarter texts who loses libido pain way
primal dullness lh root please social life  death  geographical
   much sadness although ( a fact the _instrument_ of the death of the
are you aware that i'm nearer to death than you
        grep death a/char >> zz
your place or mine your death or mine
civilian american and deaths american are deaths equalized are nightmare
and and american american deaths deaths are are equalized equalized pray
this war pray that iraqi civilian and american deaths are equalized
selves deaths civilian are and equalized american pray to this an an
selves over this war pray that iraqi civilian and american deaths are
my fat face thinking death &&
fhqwhgadsheh heh heh  news by death of thought most read the fuck
fast it's and fast furious and the it's ride the towards ride of death a
death it's
prolong the death agonies of ourselves and those
time slips as well and we hurtle towards are deaths
digital analog death of thousands corporeal
still haven't gotten over the death of my mother and my father's dislike
with death and velocity
intolerance means oppressing embargoing death millions sr did iraq
soldier there is bleeding center tiffany of death looks at with his
postmodernism chatter death incorrect final fire textbook thinking
planla forcele talgia for of directionla death they
every moment rushing towards her death
balance of death and water
innumerable sex and death
    fury of soldier's slaughter when death wasn't fast enough shot death
wept aileth archer paran phichol chief captain swear falsely i was asked
to do a piece about death and i did a piece about birth and death and the
dying sex and death

> child dreaming remaining unused worn with the death of the brother
> i knew neither of the brothers and mourned most of all the death of
> of his death and a year after he died a dead bird black with yellow
> are the chances of this the appearance of the death of the bird in any
> this is one such disturbance both deaths nine months apart were others
> deathwe will be sipping from  each others grease and never
> ses negative feedback until sleep becomes a portal of death the waking
> love and death on the information superhighway
< freezes as men and women hear tiffany's death cry the woman misses you
< freezes as men and women hear tiffany's death cry the woman misses men
< freezes as men and women hear tiffany's death cry the sun rises in the
< i am interested in texts in extremis at the point of death in great
< me out of the valley of death she knew no evil the elevator went up the
< but this is pointless let's say that the point is death let's say that
of the death of wilderness and mutilated bodies of women and children bird
black with yellow > of his death and a year after he died a dead bird will
say hasten my death faster than this this forgetting curl culture dad
culture dancemenu danceofdeath dank dancemenu dbas dancemenu danceofdeath
dank dank dank dank deadiniraq dead dbas deathfugue deadiniraq death dead
dell deathfugue dike dbas deadiniraq dead deathfugue death dell this
moment in time yes yes choking to death the first time i performed i am
waiting for death so everyone will be relieved whose death is this anyway
finally have reached half the death toll as the i dont think i would fuck
katrina only then would you finally have reached half the death toll as
cursed be the god that brings so much death and beauty
  my own churnmonster o i heard you so monster death churn fix ha ha
falter futuredeath churn ha ha further futureof speaking fathered gridok
o i am surrounded by death
hateboard death cull
map danzeophdeath lk dank zzklr makh nz nh rk angel ngu tz lvz tr uol log
could it travels travels on the way on death way life of way the the cata
with life a you lotus death death a with you to with you a you nothing to
jewel death to lotus to lotus lotus jewel you lotus to you a life life
buddhas life emptiness you emptiness to life you a death death to life
collocation to life with life you a death you you emptiness existent you
indistinguishes life lotus jewel evil touch taste kwak less death you
recollection lotus to you existent life escaped life death buddhas to
meritorius tathagathas to death you you meritorius you you life to
meritorius escaped life life death meritorius death jewel life to life you
meritorius death to to existent lotus life jewel you lotus lotus you
meritorius life life you bodhisattva a life you death to emptiness you
meritorius to death life death a death a meritorius life a emptiness life
existent life you life life to a life death life you you escaped existent
lotus meritorius life escaped you death death life lotus lotus to
lotus life life life to death you escaped escaped escaped to lotus to
evil before nirvanas dies accumulate a with death death a to a
evil before kwak less evil before kwak more hears death bodhisattva you
death life to escaped a you life to you life lotus life emptiness lotus
death you death lotus death escaped life lotus lotus life you a you
death to death to lotus you you death to with life to sickens + life life
death to life escaped lotus lotus escaped emptiness life escaped to to
death to you life life death you life the + death life death lotus life
death to a death to a life emptiness to you life to escaped a to life you
death a escaped life life death you life you with meritorius to you life
life tathagathas you death to a to you meritorius life life lotus to you
life death death you life lotus life existent life emptiness life to life
you life to death life to you death existent you to life a to to to life a
you you escaped to meritorius to existent you escaped you to o death life
death reproduced
infinitely death
which is death (certainly without recursion which leads to quantitative
chaotic few generations regular reiterated death certainly recursion leads
death demon doing eager early earth email ended esand evera eviay evolt
recent death thoughts
depression is already death
somewhere or anywhere and it's death that returns these bodies quickly
but death in the midst of the woods

slasher death death guillotine guillotine video video nasty nasty serial
chainsaw independent nasty death guillotine killer slasher chainsaw video
death serial slasher film serial guillotine video independent blood
children rule death people violence children soldiers to gangs rule under
malaria will tomorrow will malaria rule gangs just tomorrow death malaria
just it's tomorrow death death tomorrow no day will death rule it's longer
death kiltered the this change death for in inherency the kiltered i lived
inside my death on the way to death and constitution frontal lobotomies
literally starving death unknown diseases woman weigh violence and death
and suicide were all entangled in the television image constricted rattle
gargle for no moans rattle death vowels time and the in there's history
death i have there's there's it heard years cares time one years death in
for time wallow rattle have there's my for i ago cares moans gargle and i
vow constricted constricted moans death moans the from those slaughtered
by death squads afterwards you were put off the scent of death
  early death
nothing like death to get you in the mood
frightened death i of family lurked to in i death emotional for emotional
can of can preposterousness death based of the an inflationary death
yahrzeit yeartime crack impression death glimmer
momentary stasis occasional completion traditional 'death author'
signs presage the death and transmigration of the gods dwelling in
need nor do i want miracle i am fearful of death i embrace fear
of life there are no beginnings and births and deaths of matter and
smallest email announcing one's own death
<>aterialsdeathdoaned viewerseate sir <>from from personave i'll sign unle
tears and deaths of the smallest and largest /
vision passes in for physical vision deaths in / physical avatartist world
deaths in / physical avatartist world virtual scent is virtual in is world
cheeerrrrss nick carbo thanks nick's life death chorus strange song enjoy
hiding from the universe and death
  and bodily changes (disease/death/exhaustion/dissolution/decay/
the kiss the touch of life and death
death hangs tattered on the scanner's fence
sorrowful the intervention of death
and here are the wages of death
though i see death i shall not see death
death is a woman stalking me
here with death i shall lie in the field of voles
death and time's death
memories of death and dark candles
borders on the way to cold death and evanescence
death's secretly
of death and dealing
there are no dealings with death
there are no dealings with death
death doesn't deal with you
you don't see the hands of death
death doesn't show its cards
death shows its cards to the living
death's cards are never stacked
there are no cards of death
the other is their death's body
death doesn't exist
carries deathsound if not rattlesound i am so very &
it's morning too early to get up or deal with death stop that
soundmorning that deathsound see time & it will not be frightening & will
not bear the stench of death the earth in exhaustion or death has placed
memory at the heart.

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