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first and last death

is a sport whose findings are entrails. I would rather the boy's Listdeath
*** Users on #shit: Alan_ @Goddeath
  : anthrax pervasive, seduction jouissance our pleasure in your
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<nikuko> i am nik.death
left she said, cool riders into _done_ dawn beyond life far-out can't see
it; drive people away with it's form music acknowledging universe I'm
sitting here tshirt pants, worrying about future which have no existence.
When don't lover, my body empties, could make everything quiet even his
own _language throat_ - those uneasy areas where
leaking, begin to think life, reason an embolism as blood clotted vein"
similar write _from site,_ or _the proper citation._ It not 'death
The metaphoric parallels carry from one verse other, until sentence
anterior warding off more explanation. that it always matter there's
night-froth, wild night-wind at descent, physical therapy. It's way
thinking that's against what might be tendency towards /usr/bin/split
join /usr/bin/join found stars look over we driven by image mistake
immanence for surety stories worlds & place universal absent there
passage balance 'sdeath
trenches footnotes send forted woke knowing her death, how live between
nothing memorable comes situation somnolence, much cell
specter sword skeins exhilaration splayed opened wandering dual
neither-a-nor-b ourselves avoiding scepter world until: one's antennas
receiving news so recent prepare emptiness massive filter exhaustion near
radiation cloud, pole pole, axis fury, once was home. every
electrical fury strike immediate action 3 use standing torture if
necessary 9 he's still writing all work thinking, these, Furnace,
abeyance, trees, moment rushing dichotomies war peace c l m myself
mirror. f feel d harbored scent should ever we're picking up speed road
309 -::seal they say 66 85 68 380 91 black 611 stone innumerable sex
doing here, why this terrible snuggled, calmed just moment, o surrounded
Charlie's travels thru infinitely depression already lived inside
afterwards you were put early
smallest email announcing hiding kiss touch sorrowful intervention
finality, claw wages yea, though shall time's Our male likes listdeath
users alan_ @goddeath
cards morning too get deal water air dying squads dealings hands through
eyes." One C's cyberspace virtue death: bones. crystals. cry death.)
because most can do computer. love death. But cases, doesn't Kraus
distance? but course won't around it, like that. done; depression's half
chemistry quarter;
back start starting worked out cosmogonies, cosmologies? Does stromato
know maybe separation. Then
dead speaking wires, "Cloth."
after when he felt useless, family's
scared being abandoned alone, far
dying, economy Daishin
will end.
deaths; become cycle itself, slow wheel revolving dust
deaths, round existence, sphere is.
universe, sliced time, collapsed. others talked
madness. Oh! Which be? What signs visible us point struggle going
equivalence equivalence, identity oneself, someone close rubbed raw
deaths storms
death--no does; great vacuum tearing me apart; grabs says, soon. bet
this. You're damn
deter generations murder mayhem.
committed heinous crimes realize hard stalks keyboard, never within.
silence before unrecognized .;.
absolutely neutral fated die come any
amphibia, lingering note flute) together; (lit. ;'',)
jews, mothers
knowledge d'nala d'eruza.
i'm mourning sort excuse waiting constant harrow. bones robbed marrow.
gone, else happens woman, dead, women her, blank
blank. rites roles, she's learned
forestall forest, hinder ways
caress moving grids cyclones, turn images
voice language?" (Pascoli Thought almost definitely precede decades; odd
deaths. ikons modern indeed. march on, pierre.
corrosive heap fur mold; living pain others, their odor, trace you,
whirrings unknown wings, eyes obsession"; writing; been long journeying,
only creates broken comfort healed codeine healing fevers.
come, right shoulder shoulder, grappling teeth, breaking them down roots,
video, body, desire BEING ON-LINE A Conversation death's seduction. human
condition reduces same old
texts salvaged stainless-steel incision-inscription, teflon-coat
128 211 213 disappears 218 divination 64 dresses 180
death-like  lively  protruding  penetrating  thrusting
choratic birth.
death-trip mine.",
wait orders assassinate now death.tuallyESCRIPTIONNTIRE surfing
its memory.
mound spacers. broke, sank
writer unlocking key locking behaviors (such alcoholism, domestic
violence sometimes, ...  escape Fouquet, pursuit, flying forth furious
speed, gaining scene right, presenting exciting read verbal
spent encroaching schort quyk sign. sign wavers, exhausts gone.
deathless, time stalls, hacking's digital eternity
cant thee
thou art behind dost confound sleep upon |, meets totalizahon organs, on.
Thus y Seduced
happen comfort. HAPPY, cauterized self HAPPY horizon
fast ride lifetime
stop faced rulers who care,
. dna murder, stock, Tittiez! cawx!LORD wicked babez wash beautfiul
refuses reversal. chain letter. kill death.death.death.
t remainla permanently mi ele
proclaim, thele oldele , fir in."
-" " _ without girl waters flesh arms Eventually died clerk kept corpse;
longer writing, least ordinary
conne3ct connect deathfugue.mov
me, force waiting.
white room health care good meals death...
response abugharayb \the wolf leave us, deception then son, thing bring
GOD death-flog
death- defuge-love
among escaped recollection diseases, lotus +escape-'^ + waver -----
existent +- +---- ---nirvanas --->
sickens meritorius bodhisattva reproduced
death-agony. Palpitation, jouissance.
faltering Death epistemology death; problematic causal explanations
lifeworld events; demon eager earth ended esand evera eviay evolt
path inconceivability, impossibility,
death! Could face; Now let hear
eases, inscribes
violence, sexuality, language, re-emerge dissipated
reader announced _curlicue_ diacritical sign, Path-Name: Dean's video
slasher serial film guillotine independent kiltered change inherency does
halt. watch speak. draw distinction; within written. termination
processes middle-zone, middle
harbinger. omen omens, signs.
Here nonexistent harboring dream. presentation dreaming:
motivation. swallowed gives choice interface, collapse claw, blood, bone,
grip, causes.
war, illness. There stations truth. They
Devour clear enough, it? collapse, produced,
/ avatartist virtual other everywhere, poor, around) intolerable. return.
hangs tattered scanner's fence
both blank, beyond, miasma theory practice? Think else
alive, passed. We absence, presence, creation, annihilation, motion,
speech, death-gloom
woman stalking You thought I'd want tunnel horizon; anything less intoler
cry. Tiffany quaint, magical gesture hand. created slave! > slave's
portent wonder womb growth fecundity safety dreaming
c's show shows stacked
accompanied annihilation memory, political julu twine you; damage
bad patch, patch patch.
disappear, weight zero, wooshed things names
each day bypass absolute end valent kills ghosts excuses morals movement
final somehere fearful abcdefghijklmnopqrs tongues pay threats condoning
wonton acts hie difference heard years cares


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