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CODED CULTURES -Exploring Creative Emergences

Binational Festival to explore new artistic creative Ability-Profiles
within media integrated Delineation Cultures

further details are available at:

Loctation: MuseumsQuartier Vienna

Opening: 	  May 27th 2009  Freiraum/quartier21
Symposium: 	  May 28th - May 31st  2009 - Museum of Modern Art Vienna
Exhibition:       May 27th - June 07th 2009 - Freiraum/quartier21

ABOUT CODED CULTURES - Exploring Creative Emergences

The second edition of CODED CULTURES is a binational festival (Austria  
– Japan) in the year 2009 to explore new artistic practices and  
creative ability profiles within media integrated project-cultures and  
digital media related art, focusing on Japan and Europe. The festival  
is part of the official »Austria – Japan Year 2009«.
Through the establishment of new creative cultures, enabled by digital  
media and global communication networks, new practices and ability  
profiles of creative and artistic delineation and exploration are  
gaining new grounds. Furthermore, economic models are eager to create  
synergies with symbolic values of cultural and artistic programs to  
deal with the potentials of »creativity«. At the moment these profiles  
are roughly subsumed (e.g. as »creative class«), but at the present  
day it is difficult to predict which catalysts and draft programs can  
be put into effect for these creative innovation processes. On the  
other hand it has to be questioned if innovation like it is understood  
by policy makers of entrepreneurship is a desired state for artistic  
projects and networks. This phenomena which is set up via global nodes  
of creativity (e.g. networks, communities, organizations, projects,  
etc.) is more and more uprooting disciplinary guidelines and permitted  
structures of local traditions. Therefore, this vectors have changed  
the ways of cooperation and development in socio-cultural production  
paradigms. CODED CULTURES is asking how artistic and creative projects  
are dealing with this conditions and in which way they support or  
antagonize this developments.

In this context »new« things happen based on cultural conditions of  
transformation, which have departed from established mechanisms of  
delineation and creation. They activate an innovation-fabric which  
does not yet have any adequate surface for the assessment of  
observations and mediations in such transformation processes. »CODED  
CULTURES – Exploring Creative Emergences« enables and presents  
artistic-creative production coherences which are based on digitally  
linked media-cultural organizations and actively integrate these into  
the delineation process of their operating level. Thereby, new options  
of interaction emerge within the intersection of art / culture /  
economics / knowledge development / idea aggregation / intermediation  
a.s.o. This parameters are integrated in the conditions of digital  
communication and media technologies, as well as their conditions of  

Therefore, the festival creates a surrounding in which new ways of  
emerging arts, creativity, theories, projects and ideas can be  
explored in the field of digital media related forms of creative  
delineation and arts. The particular aim is to present, discuss and  
criticize topics, which are situated on the intersection of  
disciplines and activities in order to enforce new potentials of  
artistic practices and positions. By these means, persons who derive  
joy from discovering ways to circumvent limitations, are welcome to  
take part of the festival. Regarding this, CODED CULTURES is  
presenting projects, works, theories and networks which are shaping  
new vectors of creation and art situated between: e.g. Science & Art,  
Technology & Art, Design & Art, Fashion & Art, Economy & Art, a.s.o.

Responsible for the content:

MuseumsQuartier Wien / quartier 21
Museumsplatz 1/10/7, 1070 Vienna

mail: office at codedcultures.net

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