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Majena Mafe majenamafe at iprimus.com.au
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.grrrreat idea.here's my contribution to the party
MY NAME: Majena Mafe
URL: http://www.sounded-language.blogspot.com/
MY WORK: Focuses on the perverse affect of sound in/as language, and its
implications for digital ways of saying
Gertrude Stein-
For being a ground breaker, ground shaker and self described genius
For her introduction of the loop in language that eventually filtered
through into digital sound
That the idea repetition is never repetition
The idea that if objects are things, so too are the word we use for them
That meaning does not lie linearly
She highlighted the non-definitive
Her play with ear-play
For her insistent sane use of disruption
Honesty that written language is mock realism
For highlighting the aurally charged nature of language and its connection
to meaning
Meredith Monk-
For sticking with her own throat sounds
Cathy Berberian-
For interpreting contemporary music, Armenian folk songs, Monteverdi, The
Beatles, and her own compositions in a very throated way.
Especially for best known work is her "Stripsody" (1966), in which she
exploits her vocal technique using comic book sounds.
Cathy Brietz-
For her elaborate video instillations
For her shots taken at media
Pipilotti Rist-
For being 'not the girl who misses much'
For her insistence on the perverse pleasure principle
Maja Ratkje-
For her use of the voice as un-mediated instrumented sound
Joan la Barbara-
For her use of multiple voices
For her use of multiple voices
For her use of multiple voices
Vicki Bennett and People Like Us-
For the mischief
For her re-examining the throw away sounding out from the 40s and 50s
For the interpolation and density of sound image mashups
Janet Cardiff-
For being a composer/performer intrigued by change, the subtle and the thick
in sound, fascinated with voices and definitely enamored by technology.
For using her voice as raw material, which she transmutes into machine
noises, choral works or pulverizes "into granules of electro acoustic babble
and glitch, generating animated dialogues between innate human
expressiveness and the overt artifice of digital processing" as the Wire
Magazine put it.
Majena Mafe 
Let me listen to me and not to them... Gertrude Stein
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