[NetBehaviour] Happy Ada Day

Katharine Norman katharine at stayconscious.com
Tue Mar 24 09:14:25 CET 2009

hello...my bit for Ada day

name: Katharine Norman
work: mostly in  digital music/radiophonic sound, and experimental 
writing about it - interested in listening, people, words, voices, places

(essay with weblinks to sonic work)  
(email fiction) http://www.stayconscious.com/reach/yesreally/
home page www.novamara.com

a few influences/inspirations from women working with technology and sound

Laurie Anderson  - I've always regarded her as a sonic anthropologist of 
the highest calibre.  http://www.laurieanderson.com/

Pauline Oliveros - listener, network performer, thinker, composer, 
improvising musician....her way of listening, and her music have been a 
beacon: http://paulineoliveros.us/

Magali Babin - extraordinary French-Canadian performer/composer finding 
wonderful sounds in unusual and usual places: 

Delia Derbyshire and Daphne Oram - both for pioneering work in 
electronic music in the UK, at a time when women were more often in the 
BBC typing pool than the BBC Radiophonic workshop.

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