[NetBehaviour] Ada Lovelace

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Tue Mar 24 14:15:00 CET 2009

MY NAME: Olga Panades Massanet

URLs: http://www.ungravitational.net; http://virtualfirefly.wordpress.com/


Francesca da Rimini. For her evocative and cruel mappings of certain
realities; her radical use of fiction, of the impossibility coming to
life. Her manufacture of peripheral worlds, deeply rooted in
actuality, but also exceeding it in a very powerful personal style
that floods perception. And particularly for her way of constructing
labyrinths that suck you in.

Natalie Jeremijenko. I find particularly inspiring her practical
approach and aim to produce actual results. Her current project for
example, the Environmental Health Clinic
[http://www.environmentalhealthclinic.net/] “develops and prescribes
locally optimized and often playful strategies to effect remediation
of environmental systems, producing measurable and mediagenic evidence
and coordinating diverse projects to effective material change.” “Her
work explores opportunities presented by new technologies for
non-violent social change. Her research centres on structures of
participation in the production of knowledge and information, and the
political and social possibilities (and limitations) of information
and emerging technologies — mostly through public experiments.”

Coco Fusco. For her ongoing fight against authoritarian policies and
repression along borders, inside communities, and across countries. An
active feminist working at the intersection of political intervention
and media-art. Hers is a critical look into the technologically
mediated environments of today that brings about questions in a daring
and playful manner. http://www.thing.net/~cocofusco

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