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My name : Alex Olsen (aka Alex Ookpik)




Okay, it’s not a short list, but I think that’s a good thing. ;-)

*Inspiration from an early electronic music pioneer:*

Laurie Spiegel (added to the list with Daphne Oram et al)


She has recently posted a number of very nice, archival video clips of
herself on YouTube:

It’s so refreshing hearing her speak in such a no-nonsense way. She’s just
so natural about it all (and such a good sport fielding all those awkward
questions). Hearing her talk about music and computers so enthusiastically
makes me swoon.

*Mentorship & support:*

To the sound-focused, studio-loving, women that I have met in recent years
here in Toronto, who have extended encouragement for my own music & sound
studio practice:

Laurel Macdonald: http://www.improbablemusic.com/laurel/index.html

Anne Bourne (a student of Oliveros):

Wende Bartley: http://www.naisa.ca/deepwireless/2002/bartley.html

*Camaraderie & Peers:*

I am so thankful that it seems that I meet more and more women every day who
are either pursuing or asking about electronic music, recording, film
editing, programming, etc.

I am especially thankful for my friends Eiyn Sof and Building Castles Out of
Matchsticks, (did I really have to wait 30 years to find peers?):



*Current Inspiration:*

To Juana Molina for stepping out of a successful acting career into a career
making beautiful, unselfconscious, electronically manipulated folk music. To
me she has re-defined to archetype of the mad-scientist electronic music
‘guy’, into a steady, feminine, force (especially with her elaborate
one-woman live step-up!).


*Honorary mentions: *

Brenda Laurel (an early role-model in my interest in human-computer


To the supportive men I’ve met along the way, who have treated me as equal,
showed interest in my work and extended opportunities my way.

(I have to put Pauline Oliveros and Laurie Andersen here in brackets as they
have been mentioned already but always bear mentioning again! :-) )


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