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Hi everyone,

Here's my two cents worth :-)  Some have been mentioned by others.....

xx Renee

MY NAME: Renee Turner
ALSO COLLABORATES: with Riek Sijbring and Femke Snelting under the  
name of De Geuzen a foundation for multi-visual research
URLs: http://www.fudgethefacts.com/ , http://www.geuzen.org/ , http://www.geuzen.org/female_icons/


Donna Haraway: Author of A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and  
Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century, she has a way of  
embedding technologies within history, science, bodies and everyday  
Online lecture here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-yxHIKmMI70
A Cyborg Manifesto: http://www.stanford.edu/dept/HPS/Haraway/CyborgManifesto.html

Laurie Anderson, jack of all trades, hacker, pioneer and techno- 
shaman. In 1984, I saw her United States Live tour, and was humbled to  
witness it.

Steina Vasulka: An early pioneer of the electronic arts, Steina, often  
in collaboration with her partner Woody Vasulka, pushed the aesthetics  
of technology and video to its outer limits. In 1974, she taught at  
the Center for Media Study at the State University of New York, where  
she was the only female faculty member in the department at that time.  
Through the years her work has played with the limits of technology  
while simultaneously embracing those restraints for their visual  
qualities. One particular example of this kind of approach is Machine  
An interview can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd9jaqkY6Dw

Joan Jonas: She is a funky storyteller who has the capacity to weave  
together the rinky dink, the poetic and the technological.  A snippet  
of Vertical Roll is here: http://www.medienkunstnetz.de/works/vertical-roll/video/1/

Charlotte Moorman: Bold, experimental and a fantastically lateral  
Southern thinker.  Worked with Nam June Paik and had zero fears about  
toying with new technology.  She also had a tremendous sense of humor.
Interviewed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wiEJdOlgcDE

Avital Ronell, the author of The Telephone Book: Technology,  
Schizophrenia, Electric Speech, is a mental broad surfer par  
excellence. Not only has she theorized about technology, but also  
stupidity, addiction and literature. She has a way of making wildly  
rogue connections.
There is no link of her discussing The Telephone Book, but here's one  
where she discusses stupidity:

Lisa Haskell, organized different projects around technology and  
digital culture.  I haven't seen her in years, but those early  
projects were inspiring and brought many people together to think and  
produce in different ways.

Christina McPhee: artist and writer....works with data landscapes. I  
have admired her as a moderator on Empyre for years.  She has a way of  
raising the calibre of discussion without being exclusive or  
intimidating.  That is truly a rare trait on list culture.

Pauline van Mourik Broekman: she co-founded with Simon Worthington  
Mute Magazine.  She is someone who connected people and worked in  
subtle and invisible ways to

Kate Rich, the Bureau of Inverse Technology:  Many years ago De  
Geuzen, asked her to come to the Netherlands and lecture at a  
symposium called Situating Technologies.  She gave an inspiring talk  
on the Bureau's activities.  The suicide box is still brilliant: http://www.bureauit.org/sbox/#video

Sandy Stone: She is Associate Professor and Founding Director of the  
Advanced Communication Technologies Laboratory.  I admire her ability  
to forge new ways of thinking about gender, machines, the erotic,  
science and frontier bodies. I saw her perform several years ago at V2  
in Rotterdam, and she is an amazing storyteller.   Last but not least,  
she has a great sense of humor:

Josephine Bosma, through her essays and interviews, she's made  
valuable contributions to media art history and debate.

Riek Sijbring and Femke Snelting (aka De Geuzen): I have worked with  
both of these women for almost 15 years.  Through practicing together,  
we have learned much about feminisms and media ecologies.

I thank all of these women..... and I could keep going and going with  
more women.... but I better stop here for the moment :-)

On Mar 25, 2009, at 3:46 AM, liliana garcia wrote:

> thank you
> my name is liliana garcia
> I am new to the list
> my current work is related to Lilith
> http://liligrana.wordpress.com/lilithandthetreeliliths-trial-project/
> My tribute is to Simon de Beauvoir for opening my eyes that I have  
> kept alert since then
> to Laurie Andersen and her magnificent acoustic realm
> and to kate Bush who reminds me of something I cant quiet describe
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> Subject: [NetBehaviour] Ada Lovelace
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> Date: Tuesday, March 24, 2009, 1:15 PM
> MY NAME: Olga Panades Massanet
> URLs: http://www.ungravitational.net; http://virtualfirefly.wordpress.com/
> Francesca da Rimini. For her evocative and cruel mappings of certain
> realities; her radical use of fiction, of the impossibility coming to
> life. Her manufacture of peripheral worlds, deeply rooted in
> actuality, but also exceeding it in a very powerful personal style
> that floods perception. And particularly for her way of constructing
> labyrinths that suck you in.
> http://subsol.c3.hu/subsol_2/contributors/dariminibio.html
> Natalie Jeremijenko. I find particularly inspiring her practical
> approach and aim to produce actual results. Her current project for
> example, the Environmental Health Clinic
> [http://www.environmentalhealthclinic.net/] “develops and prescribes
> locally optimized and often playful strategies to effect remediation
> of environmental systems,
>  producing measurable and mediagenic evidence
> and coordinating diverse projects to effective material change.” “Her
> work explores opportunities presented by new technologies for
> non-violent social change. Her research centres on structures of
> participation in the production of knowledge and information, and the
> political and social possibilities (and limitations) of information
> and emerging technologies — mostly through public experiments.”
> Coco Fusco. For her ongoing fight against authoritarian policies and
> repression along borders, inside communities, and across countries. An
> active feminist working at the intersection of political intervention
> and media-art. Hers is a critical look into the technologically
> mediated environments of today that brings about questions in a daring
> and playful manner. http://www.thing.net/~cocofusco
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