[NetBehaviour] How I got my genes deleted.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Wed Mar 25 13:10:58 CET 2009

How I got my genes deleted.

I've had my DNA struck from police records - now it's over to the rest 
of you 799,999 innocents.

(Comedian) Mark Thomas.

Until Tuesday I was one of 800,000 innocent people in the UK who had 
their DNA on the police database. Most of us had a swab sample taken on 
arrest and our identifiable cell clusters have languished on police 
files even if charges were dropped or we were found not guilty in court.

In 2003 I was arrested at a protest against the arms dealer BAE Systems 
and charged with causing £80 worth of damage to a bus. Leaving aside the 
irony that if any BAE Systems products only caused £80 of damage the 
purchasers would sue for a refund, seven months later I found myself on 
trial. After two days I was acquitted on the legal technicality of being 
innocent. More important, the court found there was no evidence for a 
crime having been committed in the first place. The experience left me 
frustrated, with only a 20-minute comedy routine to take away the pain 
of injustice.


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