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Hi Ghislaine,
What a great post! 
Thanks so much for joining and contributing.
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MY NAME - Ghislaine Boddington
working within the group body>data>space 
with ResCen Middlesex University
and previously early digital sound and movement collective shinkansen
see here for shinkansen and Future Physical archive

many many women across the years and we believe by even more of the
future generations to come !!! 
in particular for us, the following women have been imperative as
mentors in our development of interauthored telematic performance

Thecla Schiphorst 
for her work on embodiment, sense enhancement and the human side of
digital interaction. She worked as part of the original development team
of Lifeforms software, the computer compositional tool for choreography
and she has worked with Merce Cunningham since 1990 supporting his
creation of new dance with the computer. She inspires many with her work
at Simon Fraser University Vancover and with her international exhibits
including Bodymaps: artifacts of Touch, an pioneer touch based video
body installation. We have been pushed by her thinking and questioning
while working with her producing the second iteration of "whispers" for
Future Physical (Cambridge 2003) and producing Bodymaps into the ICA as
part of Virtual Incarnations Dance Umbrella 2000. 

Hellen Sky
Digital choreographer and telematic dancer, writer and director, the
most experienced dancing woman in cyberspace !!! Hellen is the prophet
we all need to look to for her early work on telematics and technology
within the performance and installation space, using realtime data
generated by the body. Co-founder of Company in Space in Melbourne (1992
- 2004) this group, who we worked with several times into the ICA and
other contexts, was an inspiration for all dance technology in the 90s.
We worked Hellen again recently for the Post Me-New ID Forum in Dresden
and here is an excerpt of her writing from Virtual Physical Bodies
catalogue, published by centre des arts d'Enghien-les-Bains, Paris, for
the body>data>space exhibition Oct 2008 - Jan 2009

"....Although there is no gravity here
The weight of time holds me to this virtual floor 
As you wait for me to arrive in streamings of bits and bytes,
zeros and ones
In realtime, lag time, day for nighttime
To arrive at the unstable matrix of my new skin

The screen is not a surface but reach of my extended touch "

....Hellen Sky 

Amanda Steggell


For early work as online band Nood, releasing the first internet CD in
early 1996. Inspirational work with Per Platou as Motherboard with
installations and performative live art happenings, mediated and
modulated by the intermediary influence of the net, often integrate
audience participation and interaction. For ongoing exciting emotive
projects, bringing sensitivities and real human presence to "dry" net
time projects.

plus here, in London +++, so many great women working tirelessly, across
all disciplines and the digital, often not getting much credit over the

Rachel Baker
Leanne Bird
Ilze Black
Larisa Blazic
Susan Broadhurst
Ruth Catlow
Anna Collin
Susan Collins
Kelli Dipple
Bronac Ferran
Julie Freeman
Ruth Gibson
Lizbeth Goodman
Karen Guthrie
Vesna Grandes
Delphine Gaborit
Lisa Haskell
Dianne Harris
Leslie Hill
Laura Henry
Mia Jankowicz
Janis Jefferies
Shobana Jeyasingh
Francoise Lamy
Sophia Lycouris
Pauline van Mourik Broekman
Helen Paris
Sarah Platt
Nina Pope
Hannah Redler
Gini Simpson
Annika Stark
Nicola Triscott
Claire Welsby
Sheron Wray
Marie X
who have we forgotten ? sorry........please do add
more ...............:-)

PS this list proves there is no shortage of women in UK for panels and
keynotes .......so how come so many conferences, panels, etc still have
so very few women involved .....?????

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