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Thanx for stimulating what will be a great resource

I'm new to this list,more on me at

Berta Sichel, Director of Audiovisuals at the Reina Sofia Museum Madrid who
recently started a video collection for the museum. The inaugural exhibition
for the the collection contained  32  installations,12 of them by women
(maybe a museum record?) and her programming has celebrated a wide range of
internationallly known women.

Second Sarah's eloquent praise of Kathy Rae Huffman who was Director of
Cornerhouse which commissioned my artwork Man With A Movie Camera:The Global
Remake through its Bigger Picture program. Every artist should be as lucky
as I was to have such an encouraging and supportive working relationship.

Simone De Beauvoir for contributing a female voice to the history of western

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> Hi Ghislaine,
> What a great post!
> Thanks so much for joining and contributing.
> xx
> Ruth
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> MY NAME - Ghislaine Boddington
> working within the group body>data>space
> http://www.bodydataspace.net
> with ResCen Middlesex University
> http://www.rescen.net/Ghislaine_Boddington/index.html
> and previously early digital sound and movement collective shinkansen
> see here for shinkansen and Future Physical archive
> http://www.connectivity.org.uk
> many many women across the years and we believe by even more of the
> future generations to come !!!
> in particular for us, the following women have been imperative as
> mentors in our development of interauthored telematic performance
> Thecla Schiphorst
> http://www.sfu.ca/~tschipho// <http://www.sfu.ca/%7Etschipho//>
> for her work on embodiment, sense enhancement and the human side of
> digital interaction. She worked as part of the original development team
> of Lifeforms software, the computer compositional tool for choreography
> and she has worked with Merce Cunningham since 1990 supporting his
> creation of new dance with the computer. She inspires many with her work
> at Simon Fraser University Vancover and with her international exhibits
> including Bodymaps: artifacts of Touch, an pioneer touch based video
> body installation. We have been pushed by her thinking and questioning
> while working with her producing the second iteration of "whispers" for
> Future Physical (Cambridge 2003) and producing Bodymaps into the ICA as
> part of Virtual Incarnations Dance Umbrella 2000.
> Hellen Sky
> http://www.hellensky.com/hellen.swf
> Digital choreographer and telematic dancer, writer and director, the
> most experienced dancing woman in cyberspace !!! Hellen is the prophet
> we all need to look to for her early work on telematics and technology
> within the performance and installation space, using realtime data
> generated by the body. Co-founder of Company in Space in Melbourne (1992
> - 2004) this group, who we worked with several times into the ICA and
> other contexts, was an inspiration for all dance technology in the 90s.
> We worked Hellen again recently for the Post Me-New ID Forum in Dresden
> and here is an excerpt of her writing from Virtual Physical Bodies
> catalogue, published by centre des arts d'Enghien-les-Bains, Paris, for
> the body>data>space exhibition Oct 2008 - Jan 2009
> "....Although there is no gravity here
> The weight of time holds me to this virtual floor
> As you wait for me to arrive in streamings of bits and bytes,
> zeros and ones
> In realtime, lag time, day for nighttime
> To arrive at the unstable matrix of my new skin
> The screen is not a surface but reach of my extended touch "
> ....Hellen Sky
> Amanda Steggell
> http://www.liveart.org/
> http://www.liveart.org/motherboard/index.html
> For early work as online band Nood, releasing the first internet CD in
> early 1996. Inspirational work with Per Platou as Motherboard with
> installations and performative live art happenings, mediated and
> modulated by the intermediary influence of the net, often integrate
> audience participation and interaction. For ongoing exciting emotive
> projects, bringing sensitivities and real human presence to "dry" net
> time projects.
> plus here, in London +++, so many great women working tirelessly, across
> all disciplines and the digital, often not getting much credit over the
> years..................
> Rachel Baker
> Leanne Bird
> Ilze Black
> Larisa Blazic
> Susan Broadhurst
> Ruth Catlow
> Anna Collin
> Susan Collins
> Kelli Dipple
> Bronac Ferran
> Julie Freeman
> Ruth Gibson
> Lizbeth Goodman
> Karen Guthrie
> Vesna Grandes
> Delphine Gaborit
> Lisa Haskell
> Dianne Harris
> Leslie Hill
> Laura Henry
> Mia Jankowicz
> Janis Jefferies
> Shobana Jeyasingh
> Francoise Lamy
> Sophia Lycouris
> Pauline van Mourik Broekman
> Helen Paris
> Sarah Platt
> Nina Pope
> Hannah Redler
> Gini Simpson
> Annika Stark
> Nicola Triscott
> Claire Welsby
> Sheron Wray
> Marie X
> who have we forgotten ? sorry........please do add
> more ...............:-)
> PS this list proves there is no shortage of women in UK for panels and
> keynotes .......so how come so many conferences, panels, etc still have
> so very few women involved .....?????
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