[NetBehaviour] Building a Brain on a Silicon Chip.

marc garrett marc.garrett at furtherfield.org
Thu Mar 26 11:11:34 CET 2009

Building a Brain on a Silicon Chip.

A chip developed by European scientists simulates the learning 
capabilities of the human brain.

By Duncan Graham-Rowe.

An international team of scientists in Europe has created a silicon chip 
designed to function like a human brain. With 200,000 neurons linked up 
by 50 million synaptic connections, the chip is able to mimic the 
brain's ability to learn more closely than any other machine.

Although the chip has a fraction of the number of neurons or connections 
found in a brain, its design allows it to be scaled up, says Karlheinz 
Meier, a physicist at Heidelberg University, in Germany, who has 
coordinated the Fast Analog Computing with Emergent Transient States 
project, or FACETS.


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