[NetBehaviour] [twitte]reality_fiction: 27/3/09

mez breeze netwurker at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 22:09:41 CET 2009

@__nkO *watches ur cog[(k)nition]s fli[stac]c[ato]kr-ing lite_bulbing
acti-on-off-on-off* :)

drea[l]ms: dream_waking in2 40's ma[zure]gazine_s[ky]cene with gorgeous
jig_sore war_planes ova_head...planes made from sci[a]ssor[t]ed...

[dRea(l)ms2]: ...jumbled hypersexual fe[male]parts shaped with a designer's
L-E-gance. 1 had revolver se[x]ction armpits!!!! sounds odd...

[Rrea(l)ms3]: ...but looked gorgeous. like havin ultra-s[fl]e[sh]x[d]ual
tech l[z(ZZ)]ooming ova+thru me. wunder_full. any1 care 2 interp?

@__nkO _sLow[ing]....E[a]rn[e]st...Mach[ine]s_ .......n-deed:)

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